In the Forest of the Night – Twatty New Who Review

The unrestrained Id of a fan is aimed at the worst episodes of Doctor Who, This time its In the Forest of the Night.

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  1. I think it’s less they think “gifted” means idiot savant, and more “gifted” means “Special ed” because these kids give off very very VERY VERY NOTICEABLE signs of autism. Or maybe that’s me giving too much credit to the writers, and also assuming anything can be autism since my mother is a special ed teacher and her kids run the gamut from borderline retarded to so smart they refuse to do homework because they already know the material out of bored self-reading and analysis.

  2. Are the New Who writers TRYING to make the show dumber? I mean sure Classic Who had it’s bad episodes, Twin Dilemma comes to mind, but even those didn’t manage the sheer level of stupid that this does. The only way I can imagine them consistently finding this level of stupid is if they were actually trying. Or they were deeply stupid themselves.

    Appreciate the GI Joe reference by the way, even if Cobra Commander was WAY smarter then anybody appearing in this episode.

  3. Whew. By the title, I thought this was the 10th doctor story that had that library. It has a foresty title.

    Still deciding if I’m gonna watch reviews of seasons I’ve not seen yet. I mean, I do it with Old Who, and I seem increasingly unlikely to get back into things. The last full season I saw was Series 3, and I’ve seen most of Series 4, and little bit of Series 5.

    I dunno–I’ve kinda fell out of watching scripted TV and would rather watch online videos.

  4. This is my most hated episode since Love and Monsters. There were so, so many points they should have stopped and said “wait, this doesn’t make any sense at all, even in the context of science fantasy”, and they ignored every last one of them. And then added obnoxious kids for good measure.

  5. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Wow, that was an amazingly stupid episode on so many levels. Doctor Who used to have at least SOME respect for science. This had NONE. Literally nothing in this episode made a lick of sense.
    Tree rings are markers of seasonal growth. The vascular cambium (the outer, living part of a tree trunk) grows faster in summer than in winter. They are minimal or absent in regions where seasonal differences are small or nonexistent.
    Wolves are extremely timid creatures and almost never attack humans, unless they’re very hungry.

  6. Come on, Hagan, we all know “Gifted” is the british educational systems term for “Write-offs”

  7. Liked the review. It was the one of the worst episodes ever.
    2 minor quibbles.
    1. You can lower the oxygen level enough to put out a fire but still have just enough for people. It’s used in fire suppressant systems in Data Centers and other areas when water would destroy equipment.
    2. A billion years ago was before trees, which are only about 370 million years old. So “once in a billion years” makes no sense.

  8. This is probably the stupidest Dr. Who episode so far, but not the worst for me. At least it didn’t say the trees would save us from global warming so we should just keep on burning fossil fuels. And it didn’t say that killing billions was okey doke as long as it saved one BAABEEE! Kill The Moon’s political message made it beyond stupid, it made it completely offensive to me.

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