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If Inception has taught me nothing else (and it kinda hasn’t), it’s that humanity isn’t quite post-truth just yet. I mean sure, there’s fake news and conspiracy theories and postmodernism but…well. Then there’s that ending.

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  1. He is in reality. Cobs true totem is his wedding ring. He is so paranoid as an experienced extractor with many enemies with similar skills than his that he has a decoy totem (the top from his dead wife) and the real one his wedding band.

    Notice that he only wears a wedding band when he dreams, in the last scene no ring, hence it is reality.

    For anyone saying that the ring is just a manifestation of his guilt over his wife’s death, and it disappears after he has dealt with that guilt. Check out the scene at the beginning of the movie. Cob awakes on a beach in limbo and is dragged by Saitos subconscious guards to his severely aged persona. In that scene, we are chronologically AFTER Cobs final confrontation with his wife’s manifestations, so Cobs guilt problems are resolved. Yet he still has the wedding ring, proving that the ring is his totem, not the top.

    • I suppose you could say that the ring was… PRECCCIOUSSSSS!!!

    • okay, but what exactly would make the ring a totem? as the movie describes, totems aren’t just things, they’re things that act in a specific way. dom doesn’t just have a top, its a top that won’t stop spinning unless the world is real; ariadne doesn’t just have a chess piece, its a chess piece that falls in a specific way. what about the wedding ring could be used as a totem? just existing or not isn’t enough, it has to do something, something that it would only do in the real world

      • It is probably touch based, the same way that Saito’s rug accidentally worked as a totem for him in the first extraction in the beginning of the movie. It might look smooth but is rough to the touch etc.

        Besides Cobb is using a completely different system for dream/reality checks. Dreamspace manipulation. He isn’t too worried that someone might be extracting him, he believes himself to be skilled enough to defend against such a thing (or use the wedding band to notice it as I described above). What his real worry is, is that he can’t discern dream and reality.

        He and his wife spend a lifetime in Limbo so for him small reality warp feats are easy. That’s why the top spins forever in dreams, and the ring manifest when he is in a dream.

        His system works like this: Is this my own dream, or am I’m being extracted? Check the surface of the ring.

        Am I in reality or is this a dream? Check if the top falls, or if you have your ring on.

        It’s a system with a double check for reality, and a faint to distract people from his real totem the Ring.

  2. It did seem like my generation’s Matrix. That’s what I regard it as especially since I think I saw it in middle school. Yeah, I didn’t know what to think of the ending. Then again, for ambiguous endings, I ALWAYS pick the happier option or whichever I find most positive so I feel that it’s not real but at least he’s happy.

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