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It’s The End of The World as we know it… again!!!

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  1. I’m done.

    I gave your new format as much of a chance as I would a netflix series before moving on to something else and you simply didn’t win me over. I wish you all the success in the world E-rod but clipless reviews are just not for me.

    • Which begs the obvious question: If, as you’ve established, A-Rod’s videos have permanently lost your favor and you will no longer view them, why are you bothering to tell us?

      Honestly, you are not giving constructive criticism here. You are pissing on him, plain and simple.

      • For the purpose of letting E-Rod know – i.e., to coax him into returning to his old format (which won’t happen, because contracts).

        Babinro’s ‘you’ (pronoun for ‘person spoken to’) was referring to E-Rod. That… should have been obvious?

      • Refer to his prior 2 videos for constructive criticism. I have a TON of it and I really didn’t want to rehash things here. I opted to keep this post simple rather than go on for several paragraphs.

      • HermioneHotpants

        Who made you master of comments? Why would criticism need to be constructive and who are you to decide that? If I want to say that E-rods new “style” sucks donkeyballs, I will damn well do so, no matter of how much of a whiny fanboy you are and whether or not YOU can handle (constructive) criticism that isn’t even directed at you.

      • I don’t agree with you at all. He made his case, which happens to be MY CASE as well. You want someone to piss on him? OK:
        The effects were terrible. I had no idea what the movie was about, no plot explanation.
        I LIKE E-Rod, but the guy had a point, Clipless reviews are fucking LAME.

        • I do agree that it is very lame, but then so are the countless take downs, demonetizations, and channel terminations that reviewers have increasingly faced at the hands of uncaring Hollywood studios. Blip was a safe-haven in its time, but now its gone and people like E-Rod have been left with few practical options.

          I also agree that this video doesn’t really do a very good job of explaining the movie. That’s something I think he can improve on with the new format.

    • To each their own, but content creators have to stretch their abilities thanks to rabid Hollywood lawyers, so in my own case I’m willing to stay the course.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    If you’re going to have a movie called “The Duff”, it better be about an uber-masculine beer-themed superhero. “Oooh, Yeaah!”

    Using the mothership as a Death Star: Understandable, but at the same time, there probably wasn’t a reason for them to have a planet-destroying WMD on that thing. Think about it: the mothership was basically just a transport/command center for them. They wouldn’t have had a reason to pack it with a Death Star weapon. Think about it like this: it’s more like an aircraft carrier instead of a battleship. (And now suddenly I can’t help but connect it to another idiotic space invader movie).

  3. Will say you’re on the right path, E, but you need to fix your audio issues in those scene recreations. Goes from loud to soft everytime you switch out. And no interest at all in this film. Agree that no one needed a sequel, but I still love the original. Cheesy, yes. Jingo to the gogo? Yes. But still a popcorn flick that’s hard to beat X)

  4. Whats with the crappy green screen behind you in your base? You always chastise movies for not using enough practical effects and then you follow suit?
    As for the clipless reviews, i can’t watch this anymore. I LOVED your old style. It was like you were inviting us into your home. NO,w its more like you want to show us how overpowered your blockbuster buster character is. That should never be the focus. I preferred when his stories were at the end of your episodes

  5. This review was far better than the previous 3.

    9:00 – In the previous movie the aliens were not colonist. It was speculated that they were locusts. Going from planet to planet using up the resources and moving on. It was a rather blatant environmental message.

  6. BB: “Is this the person we want in charge of the nuclear launch codes!?”

    ME (to BB in reference to Audio Person): “Is this who we want in charge of your mic?”

  7. This is starting to head in the right direction. The transitions from your base to the scenes are still a bit rough. Speaking of the base, that back drop is no good man. You have tons of props! You would be able to make a much better base if you just decorated a corner in your house. Keep it up! I think you’ll get this all ironed out.

  8. Ah-ha, yes, starting to feel right. 🙂 I liked the more complex sarcasm and wry commentary and banter with the “in-world” characters (as opposed to straight aggressive griping, which can have its place), mixed with the more familiar thoughtful analysis and or synopsis at “home base” that is the reason I did always come to the show. I’m enjoying the costumes and impersonations of known actors as well as everyone making a good effort. Keep refining. The sound was the roughest part but the idea is coalescing for me.

  9. Independence Day 2 was a little bland. Unfortunately, it had even more crowded of a cast with half of the talent. The alien scenes were a little exciting but that’s about it. Speaking of which, your new series is improving a little but part of me feels like I’m just watching out of loyalty at this point. It’s also a good thing I’ve seen all the movies that you’ve reviewed in this new format. 🤷 I like that you did a summary at the end though. That was good.

  10. It’s kind of hard to see the problems of the movie when we don’t actually see the problems of the movie.
    True, some critics do this simply by talking about scenes in the movie, but that’s whenever they don’t bother doing much editing around and just decide to talk straight to the camera.
    If you’re gonna go through the trouble to edit stuff around and make jokes, it’s best to have the scenes play out so we can see what you’re referring to and we get the joke better. Or just flat out have yourself sitting down and talking about the film while clips from the film play.

    At least the Nostalgia Critic had the advantage to still use clips of the movies he reviews so that his skits with the green screen and other actors make sense. When we have no idea what’s going on (especially those who haven’t seen the film like me), the skits will not make sense.

  11. Keep up the good work, your getting there…

  12. new format just ain’t doing it for me.
    you’ve lost another viewer

  13. RestlessVagabond

    Its like you didn’t even watch the movie before making this review.

  14. I like the new format. Green-screen background could use a bit of improvement, but I really enjoy the new style.

    I’ll confess, I kind of liked Resurgence. It really up-scaled and showed just how powerful the Harvesters actually are (draining all the molten metal from the Earth’s mantle is kind of required to build starships of the size of the Harvester Ship).

    As for stabbing the aliens in the back to kill them, I think it is linked to the possiblity that the tendrils they use to take over people’s minds to speak are linked to the center of their own nervous system. Hitting the area of the back where the tendrils originate from would be like stabbing them in the brain.

  15. I think that all of the sketches are a bit too samey for my liking. Character says something dumb, Erod teleports in, says it’s stupid, characters stand silently and listen, Erod teleports out. The sketches with the soldier in this one did have the variation of repeating what Erod says, but then he just stands there and listens while Erod says the scene is stupid. I would like to see more variety so it doesn’t feel so repetitive.

  16. Is Erod really only four foot tall?

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