Independence Day: Resurgence – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews Independence Day: Resurgence.

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  1. My girlfriend and I saw this on Friday and we wanted to enjoy it more than we wanted, but you’re right Chris, this movie just lacks the urgency the first one has because the humans are way too overpowered.

    The funniest part of this movie was Chris Hemsworth pissing on the alien ship.

    It’s a mediocre sequel to a decently cheesy 90’s alien movie.

  2. The original movie came out when I was 1 year old so I saw it later after seeing that Nostalgia Critic review. I may see this but I still haven’t seen Warcraft or Central Intelligence so I don’t know which movie I’ll be seeing next week.

  3. What you describe here is the feeling a lot of movie goers who were around during the 80s and 90s are feeling, and that the spectacle of big budget CG is not only wearing off, but it’s getting lazier and less well implemented.

    In a way, this was inevitable, but now it seems like CG is just the go-to solution for every effects shot, and there is a disconnect between the energy that an actor has when around a real stunt or set and greenscreen and models or animatronics VS interacting with aliens they don’t even know what they look like yet because they won’t exist until post production.

    That comment about the shots being “dense” is right on, and Film Brain also added that the scenes of destruction lack impact too. I think that a lot of these big disaster setpieces look sanitized and lack that element of chaos to allow the brain to really believe it.

    Okay, I’ll finish my rant by saying that I was really impressed with Star Wars the Force Awakens as a film that blended CG well with location shooting and practical effects. So there are always exceptions and examples where it’s done right.

  4. His name isn’t pronounced “Eye-mmerich.”

  5. There should be a law against making fun of Jeff Goldblum, the more decent Jewish actor in Hollywood, At first it was amusing, but now it’s overwhelming, I am the boy or man who will cry Antisemitism except when it comes to Sandler.

  6. Any critic who will continue to make fun of Goldblum, I should report them to the Jewish Anti-defamation League except, but with Adam Sandler stressing once again, destroy him and his career however you like and sometimes even Mel Brooks has to answer for his past actions.

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