Independence Day: Resurgence – Projector

The aliens are back, and they’re even bigger than the last time – but Film Brain wonders if this can be an event like the original 1996 film was?

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  1. re: annoying pilot character – I thought most guys decide to hit on women based solely on their looks?

    (I’m not condoning it, I’m just pointing out that it happens. ALL THE TIME.)

  2. I can’t really take your stance seriously when it’s based on even more tired CGI-bashing and a desire for jingoism.

    • In this case, though, the CGI bashing is justified – those models had a weight to them that the junkyard sequence in it’s follow-up doesn’t match. Also, my complaints about those things doesn’t negate my more substantial complaints about the story and a cast full of annoying, charisma-lacking characters whom you don’t care about – a big problem in a disaster movie.

  3. Unless the movie has Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith, it’s not worth the price of admission !

  4. It’s always great when you poke fun at the very American! attitude 🙂

    Sad about Joey King’s character: I quite liked her in Ramona and Beezus, she did well their.

    I have not seen the origional, but this does not look as good: bit to generic (and I dislike it when they kill off characters because the actors won’t come back: that’s just bleak) As far a disater movies go, is the origional the only good one?

    Great review: looking forward to the Secret Life of Pets review

    • And thanks for the term Jingoism!! I’ve noticed what it means all over the place but never had a word to describe it as I didn’t know there was an offical name for it; weird

  5. TragicGuineaPig

    Correction: it’s “America, FUCK Yeah!”

  6. Someone I know described the movie, after watching it, as : ”It was like a video game”.
    I think they went for something just absurdly too big, way more than it needed to be.

  7. sdfsdfsdfgsfhwe

    I don’t watch these because of the terrible piano music at the start.

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