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Worlds lived, worlds died… and now we’re bringing them back! Because that’s what we do at DC: kill things and resurrect them.

Part 2.

Part 3.

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  1. Ah Superboy Prime, I knew you would come. It’s good to hear that that whiny voice that Linkara gave to Superboy Prime so many years ago is fitting to way he is in this one. I can see why he ended up being way he is but it should had never happened as it makes him worse than Snyder’s take on Superman and that says something.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    “The Moon crashing into the earth”: QUICK! Someone get me an Elf kid with sword!

  3. Infinity War, awesome. I’m just wondering how Marvel is making a movie of it without establishing all the Adam Warlock stuff that’s so important to it first.

  4. Wow, Linkara. You got really philosophical in Part 2.

    Also, the CGI in the after credit story scene looked really good.

  5. Devil's Advocate

    if it’s okay for Wonder Woman to be willing to kill, why not other heroes? unless you want to say Wonder Woman is an anti-hero, it’s either okay for all heroes to kill or it’s not okay for any of them. some villains aren’t human but they are still people by sci fi and fantasy logic so I won’t accept that it’s only okay to kill non humans if anyone brings that up.

    you can’t just go around and kill criminals in real life but real life doesn’t have paper prisons that murders break out of every single day.

    and once again, Batman finally deciding to kill the most dangerous villains in one of the alternate universes is what lead to it being a utopia.

    • I presume that you aren’t a troll and answer on something what should be obvious: It depend on situation.

      It isn’t about “right of superhero to kill” because something like that is by itself ridiculous. Superheroes obey same laws as other people and having superpowers or even agenda of justice don’t give you right to kill, but like everyone including superheroes people have right for self defense. One of greatest failures as humans of some fans of genre is forgetting about that obvious truth. Killing is always a failure for hero, but if someone try to kill or harm someone or a hero himself, he obviously can protect including the killing. There are laws for that already, so there is no point explaining that. Though I give some insight for three most famous cases as they generally are examplary:

      Batman (and I mean real one, not Craze Stevie) – Is a ninja detective. He has specialist training what allow him stop criminals with minimal force so his interventions mean even less harmed people then in case of police operations. Because he focus on fight with crime what is generally shady work. After all most criminals have own rights as most of them still are normal citizens. because of that he is strict in obeying the law what mean no “kill policy”. That is main reason why police trust him and treat as a masked detective (for safety) not a vigilante. Obviously him not killing even if that is needed to save people is ridiculous overinterpretation, equal to ridiculous idea that killing criminals also is solution when in real life it is usually just a symptom. And people searching excuses to kill usually themselves tend to land on list of undesirable so generally I see such lin of logic as irony.

      Superman – In theory he has enough power to stop any crime. But theory and practice are two things. Because fight with crime is tedious, demand fallowing complex procedures and already there are groups like police and specialized crime fighters like Batman what do that, it is generally last thing on his list even if he stop obvious crime from time to time. Generally he focus on world threatening stuff what are far from dirty politic as they can be, so he can serve as symbol of hope for everyone. Yes, we may argue that he in truth is bit cynical but world is a shit. Better that then political intervention of godlike being what may tip wold balance too easily, and that never was good.

      Wounder Woman – Is a politician and a soldier! She is and always was diplomatic and mililitry arm of Themyscira. All her activity always was this same as activity of this country, so people complaining about her instead Themyscira policy is dumb. Because she generally is government arm she focus primarily on international terrorism and invading forces or different kind, so stuff which hostile nature is usually unquestioned. She tend to kill more commonly then Superman or Batman because she usually don’t deal with common stuff and don’t need care about public trust as someone fallowing the orders. That is literally all about her and I tend to hate when she is involved in cheap drama.

      • Devil's Advocate

        I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say maybe you can’t write in English that good but since I can’t really understand what you say, your arguments are not convincing.

        • So thanks for confirming that you in fact aren’t a troll. Retards aren’t trolls after all 0_0

          • Devil's Advocate

            I couldn’t understand your grammar, not your message. I can’t really be convinced by an argument I can’t read.

          • Not my problem as from my experience most people don’t have issues with my grammar and only people who bring it up are looser what think that it make them more legit on platform where more then half of people are foreigners anyway. Anyway I don’t see the point in continuation this hollow debate.

  6. (As you mention) You were 7:35 in, describing various related mini-series you probably need to read to ‘get’ the main mini- before you even said ‘Let’s Dig Into’…
    If that doesn’t sum up the problem with Events, I don’t know what does.

    … ‘Continued in Part 2’ also helps.

    Is that Blind Guardian? Have you been raiding my CD collection again?

  7. Jesus Christ, Nuclear Man, Doom of Steel, and now Superboy? does EVERY version of Lex Luthor need to make a combined clone of himself and Superman at some point? Is there some sort of quota?

    Also, nice dissolve from the titlecard to the comic’s cover.

    Also also, “Jesus Christ” was an exclamation, not part of the list of characters who were combined clones of Superman and Lex Luthor. I realize that was somewhat ambiguous. Besides, if anyone in the Bible is a clone of Superman, it’s Moses.

    • Only what I can say is that clones are usually marks of bad writing, especially when someone don’t understand that it make twins, not copies or puppets of the creator.

  8. Dang, this really was one of your longest reviews! It was a total of 79 minutes! I absolutely loved it! Tamara! I was hoping the other AT4W characters would appear in the stinger. You know, with how their pictures were on the thumbnail. “Crisis On Infinite Earths” is still my favorite comic!

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