Infomercialism: Bare Lifts

Ever wanted to see Mike’s boobs? WELL NOW YOU CAN.

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  1. Note how it only goes up to D cups. Those of us who are bigger are SOOL.

    And Mike, bras can be seriously painful. Especially when you have big boobs. So something like this, if it worked for a DDD cup like me, would be a nice change.

    Unless you all want to help pay for a reduction.

  2. They should’ve called it boob tape. Sounds better and more descriptive… Shame this doesn’t work for ladies larger than a D… Mind you strapless anything kinda sucks for larger boobed ladies :/

  3. It’s like a Wonderbra with adhesives. I can just picture a woman buying it and trying it out only for the adhesion to fail on one side so she walks around lopsided the rest of the day.

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