Infomercialism: Diablo Sandwich Toaster

A horned sandwich toaster which loses half the bread? Sounds like the work of the devil alright…

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  1. I want this. Where can I get one in the USA?

  2. I am confident that you are using it correctly. However I’m also curious what would happen if you used half the amount of bread so that so much does doesn’t need to be trimmed off. Just one slice folded in half. Alternately use something that is already round such as Eggo waffles to make the sandwich.

    • A tortilla would probably work out. They might still be a little large. That is a really small pan. Other than pancakes and small baked goods where you control the size, I don’t really see it working properly.

      Still, I’d like to see a quesadilla. Throw whatever you want in there.

  3. Thing is they already have these stove-top toasties makers/waffle makers. They are square. My mother has a round one, but that is a specialized tool to make these dry (and horrible tasting) waffles.

  4. TooMuchFreeTime

    Oooh I liked the look of that egg sandwich with the runny yoke! Yum! (no sarcasm)

  5. Seems to me that this would be a very good product if they just made it big enough to fit a full slice of bread

  6. The sandwiches looked good. Seems perfect for when you want to have a sandwich before going to the pond to feed the ducks.

  7. radioactivewombat

    While I agree with the other commenters that it could be made a tiny bit larger as to not waste so much bread, you have to keep in mind that the whole point is to seal the edges so the innards don’t drip out. If it is made too much larger, then it can’t seal off the bread properly. Also, bread comes in different sizes and some is larger than others, so it was probably made to fit the widest range of bread, which unfortunately means the larger the slice, the more waste. So yeah, it’s still a waste of bread but I can understand the logic behind it. It would probably be better if it were square rather than round, but then it wouldn’t be as fun or be able to have the whole horned diablo thing. Priorities, people!

    I have seen worse to be honest. There are these little dinosaur sandwich cutters in the supermarket near me that waste a ton more bread and don’t even have the added benefit of sealing it off or to be used to fry/toast the sandwich. Essentially they are just bigass cookie cutters. The things people waste to make their food ‘Fun’, SMH.

    • You know… I’d really like some of that chunky apple sauce. The kind we have in the states is just too… saucy. We eat it on its own pretty often, but it doesn’t FEEL like something we’d eat on its own. And forget using it as a pie filling. It’s not nearly substantial enough. That chunky apple sauce would be really good with cinnamon, though.

  8. I had something similar, but it was square shaped. It wasn’t very sturdy, however, and the hinge didn’t really work. We had a length of coat hanger slung through the hinge to keep it together. It was larger, though, and you only had a bit of bread left over if you used store-brand bread from Baker’s Grocery. We never made pie with it, though. Now I want to dig it out and test that!

  9. I couldn’t use this because I don’t eat sandwiches often enough.

  10. Come on, Mike, you’re just using it the wrong way, somehow, and also a thousand other nit-picky things that are superficially different between the United States and Great Britain, but when you actually analyze them aren’t really that different, anyway.

  11. AloneAmongstGods

    Im curious as to what would happen if you, as advertised, used the leftover trims to make more Toasties. Maybe try to press the leftovers into both sides and then use something sticky like egg or cheese to hopefully hold it all toghether? Sure it wouldn’t look as nice and probably be a bit messy/just not work and fall apart but I’d like to see you give it a go!
    Otherwise this looks like a surprisingly fun produnct and I think the first one in your show where I cought myself contemplating if it was maybe worth a purchase.
    Keep up the good work Mike!

  12. Yeah this is a product that already exists, they’ve just tarted it up a little, I remember using something similar when on a school camp over a decade ago.

    • Yep. It’s a very old idea. In fact the only thing new about it is they’re trying to sell it for use in the kitchen now instead of as just camping gear.

  13. Many of these products seem to have one fatal flaw.

  14. Daemian Lucifer

    Hey,how did you manage to break that egg without sploshing it everywhere on the table?Are you some kind of a wizard?

  15. I also want one. It would be perfect for english muffin sandwiches and personal pie sounds awesome!

    side note: I don’t know what english muffins would be called in the UK but I mean these×768.jpg

  16. Three Degrees of Bacon

    I grew up with my mom making meatloaf with large chunks of bread rather than the powdery store-bought breadcrumbs. So we’d have plenty of use for the wasted bread from the Diablo. And here’s a question: do those recipes specify the stovetop heat? If you’re getting burning and not cooking fully in the center (like the egg sandwich, maybe the cheese toastie), using a lower heat for a longer time might be what you need. Note: MIGHT, not IS. I love to cook, and one of my standbys is: if I don’t know, look it up rather than guessing and hoping it turns out all right. Little more work up front, but should save time with people yelling at you for doing it wrong.

  17. And now I’m hungry, thank you!
    I’m taking a bit cheese out of the fridge. ^^

  18. Moviemantweeter1999

    Let’s hope the birds don’t choke on the bread you gave them or that would be animal cruelty if you know what I mean. That looks like an aithest would use that product and I’m not one of those people so guess I won’t be using this product anytime in my life span.
    Also was that Kevin MacLeod background because that sounded pretty catchy. Please tell me were you got it from?

  19. You could use the crust to make stuffing, bread pudding, or croutons.

  20. Dude, I have Worcestershire sauce around here. Never occurred to me to make grilled cheese with it!

    Anyway, here’s an idea to try: Waffle batter, canned chicken, and maple syrup. Chicken and fucking waffles!

  21. Hate to tell you this but you pronounced diablo wrong. It’s pronounced Dee-OB-Low. Don’t worry it’s a common mistake.

    • I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

      If you’re going to be technical, it’s actually pronounced d̪i ˈä blo̞. Which in spelled out pronunciation is approximately “thdee-AH-bloh”.

  22. If you try making that apple pie again you should try using fresh apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. It’ll come much tastier.

  23. I guess I can count myself amongst those who’ve seen things like this around. The ones I’ve seen are square, too, and usually sold in hardware and sporting goods stores, so I don’t really know if they were meant for use on a stovetop as much as over an open flame.

    This particular model does seem to have a lot of wasted bread, especially if it was sold as being for regular sandwich bread, but that could always go into chicken stuffing or some such thing, like what my family did when I was a kid. I gotta wonder how the sandwiches would work out if they were made with English muffins or whatever they’re called over there instead of regular bread.

    • We used to have them growing up. They were called Pie Irons, and the ones we had had much longer handles and were meant to be used in a campfire. Bread, some jam or pie filling, toast them in the fire for a few minutes and the result was quite good. Never did try grilled cheese in them (my family is pretty much all lactose intolerant) but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

      • I made grilled cheese sandwiches all the time is our, well as we called them, pudgy pie irons. They do work great for grilled cheese. Never tried putting actual pastry dough in one though.

  24. PIZZA

    Most definitely will need one side cooked, max.

    Put Bagel Bites out of business, Mike. Ask Nostalgia Critic what those are.

  25. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    Hamburger buns/ rolls?

  26. Seems like it’s a good product aside from how much bread is wasted. If it were a little bit bigger it would probably be a great product IMHO.

  27. Neat for Pancakes, apple pie and such but not so much with sandwich bread. Hamburger buns or rolls as suggested above would probably work best. I used to have something similar called a “Little Mac” it was a plug in sandwich and hamburger cooker. Worked a treat. This looks like it would be good over the BBQ or an open fire.

  28. great-file-piles-of-hell

    I could see this working with english muffins instead of standard bread.

  29. When you feed the birds, you won’t have to pay an old lady tuppence a bag.

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