Infomercialism: Dump Cakes Weeks Day 1

Day 1 kicks off with Cherry Vanilla Cake – is it dumparific?

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  1. It sounds like the only distinction that makes it a dump cake is the recipe uses the words “combine” in place of mix and “fold” in place of stir.

    • Three Degrees of Bacon

      Well “fold” actually does mean something distinct in cooking. You fold in cherries, blueberries, etc. It’s just a shorter way of saying “GENTLY mix in, so as not to break a fragile, often fruit ingredient. And whatever you do, for the love of God, DON’T use an electric mixer!”

  2. Well if the point of a dump cake is to look like someone just took a dump, then it succeeded.

  3. If could take dumps as good as this and make cakes out of them, I’d be a millionaire.

  4. Mike, the title of the book is “Dump Cakes and More”. Regular cakes are covered under ‘and More’.

    • Vhin’s comment = mind blown. lol

    • iamnotincompliance

      Personally, I’d expect the “and more” to be in a bit further than page 6.

      • not when there is only like 5 true “dump” cakes in the whole book. Personally I would of like to see Mike try to find the Recipes shown in the ad and do those.

      • AloneAmongstGods

        You can only briefly see it, but when Mike flipped though the pages of the book one of the recepies said ‘Apple dump cake’, this one however was only called Cherry Vanilla Cake, so yeah I think technically it’s not supposed to be a dump cake. Still false advertising though! XD

        I don’t get the concept of a dump cake or even cake mix in general anyways. It’s not like ‘traditional baking’ is any harder. And the only step you may omit by taking a mix, is measuring the ingredients, which if you bake once in a while you’re not even going to need. Especially for simple stuff like pancakes. That is literally the easiest thing in the world to whip toghether.

  5. 1. All it’s having you do is add something to a normal out of the box cake. You don’t use an electric mixer on boxed cakes; you just mix them together with a normal whisk or spatula. Using an electric mixer or even the Wanky Whisk overdevelops the gluten of the flour and is the reason why the batter was so thick and why it came out like bread.

    2. Why did you cover it?

    3. Stuff was sticking to the knife, because it’s so wide, that’s why they said ‘use a toothpick.’ Also you’re checking to see if its still gooey, its okay if crumbs come out.

    • Now you’ve done it. You told him he was doing it wrong. Next he’s going to overreact by not mixing them at all for rest of the week.

    • To defend Mike, all the instant mixes I can think of require about a cup of water unless being replaced with something else. In this case, I’m guessing the pie filling.

      • True, but the big thing is he seriously overworked the batter. If he’d just gently whisked it until it was just incorporated, it would have come out as a much fluffier cake. Also if he hadn’t covered it with foil. Did it say to do that? I don’t remember him saying it did.

        discussing the proper way to bake a boxed cake: Pastry and Baking Certification: $30k well spent.

        • My guess is he covered it once it passed the 30 min mark to keep the outside from burning. It doesn’t look like it was formed to the pan like it would if it was put on while the pan was cool

    • Doesn’t gluten make your dick fly off? At least it will make it easier for Mike to put his willie in it.

  6. I want a piece of this cake, even though it is not a real dump cake.

  7. Three Degrees of Bacon

    It’s worse than that at failing as a dump cake. I went back to the video to make sure I wasn’t misremembering, but yeah, I was left with the impression dump cakes also don’t involve measuring anything. Boxes, eggs, cans of soda. No measuring cups required. And what did you need for the oil?

  8. The Mysterious M

    Mike I bought this book, and some of them are dump recipes. I don’t know what your other five recipes are but I recommend my personal favorite, and the first recipe in the book, the apple peach cake. That one is just dump and bake.

    Also, a lot of the recipes do require mixing so that the cake mix can form an actual dough, because otherwise, it just comes out as powder.

    One last thing, after this are you gonna try the Dump Dinners book?

  9. Am I the only who thinks “dump cakes” sounds like a euphemism a 2nd grader would use for a poop?

  10. I agree with the mixing thing, although I have backed things that require a lot of steps that take time and I have baked things like cupcakes that don’t need a lot of things to mix together. I believe the book is meant to have quick and easy recipes that don’t take a lot of time in it, and with this cake it didn’t seem to have a lot of steps to which makes it simple. Although it dose seem misleading.

  11. I think its being a bit sneaky. If you look certain recipes are specified to be Dump Cakes but if it doesn’t contain the word dump then its not.

  12. Hopefully, tomorrow will be as good.

  13. Well that partly answers my question about the wanky whisk. Also you guys got married!? I was not aware. Congrats! Likely belated, but better than never I suppose. Also I agree that the recipe defeats the purpose of a “dump cake”.

  14. Dude, haven’t you ever heard of the Muffin Method? Something like that, you stir about ten times, then leave it for a couple of minutes.

  15. In fairness to the Dumpcakes lady, the title of the recipe was “Cherry Vanilla Cake” not “Cherry Vanilla Dumpcake”

  16. I guess when you double the amount of material in the pan, doubling the time it will spend cooking is more or less to be expected. I mean, I say that as someone with no fundamental understanding of things like cooking or science, but it makes sense to me.

  17. If this is meant as a book of quick and easy home-cooked meal ideas, I guess it works. It seems to me, though, that a lot of packaged foods like cake mixes and the like come with things like that printed on the labels. In fact, that’s how I came across my new favorite pasta recipe. Found it on a can of pasta sauce that I saved the label from and then put it on my computer so I can make it later.

    In short, after day one, I’ve got my doubts about this being the kind of thing we’d need a whole book about, but we’ll see in upcoming videos.

  18. To save you all the cost of this book, I’ll give you my own version.
    Take cake mix, follow directions. Substitute can of (wet) pie filling in place of water in recipe of equal volume. Mix half cup powdered sugar with tablespoon milk to make frosting. Flavor to taste.
    There, that’s like dozens of recipes, free! Everything is in the baking isle of the local grocery store except the milk and eggs. Go nuts.

    Or spend two minutes Googling a real recipe and take two minutes longer to make than you would a mix. Because honestly, basic cakes are stupidly easy to make. The extra step over the mix is “add baking powder and touch of salt to flour.” Complex, no?

  19. Ive read this at my work and basically its a “cooking not even you can fuck up” book. Which is nice for people who have no idea what the hell they’re doing but nothing is really going to blow your mind either. I predict the week will be filled with pretty ok tasting food but nothing to write home about. I’m still going to watch if only because there is something magical about seeing mike cook.

  20. Uh-oh, typo in title!

  21. Is cake mix just flour and sugar?

    • No, there’s often flavoring. Once upon a time, you didn’t even need eggs, because they were built in too, but people complained that it was too easy.

      • Wow. I always wondered what the point of cake mix was. I’ve seen it in the shops, but it’s a lot more expensive than the normal way of making cakes, and I don’t think it can make it much quicker or easier!

  22. The idea of a dump cake is that you dump something not traditionally used in cakes, into the cake. In this case Cherry Pie Filling. Some use chocolate pudding, or blueberry pie filling. Even pumpkin pie filling in some cases.

  23. Man, your wife is the luckiest in the world. You’re a writer and a comedian, and on top of that, YOU BAKE.

  24. Huh… well at least the cake turned out alright.

    I guess this recipe falls into the “and more” category.

  25. “It’s so delicious and moist.” – Obligatory Portal quote.

  26. He threw half of the cake away, because of it stuck to his mixing tools. 😀

  27. Try using a metal hand whisk instead of a plastic one- the metal ones don’t bend all over the place.

    • Also, when you’re working with thick batter like that and using an electric mixer, when you’re done mixing, spin the blades on low a couple of times while holding it just above the bowl, and cup your hand above the blades to avoid splattering it, and that’ll get the extra batter off the blades.

  28. Odd, I posted a comment and it’s not showing up.

    The knife was coming out clean, Mike.

    What’s up with the foil on while baking? I’ve never seen that. What you’re suppose to do is when it comes out you cover it for 15 minutes with foil and a towel to let it sweat so it’ll be moist. You’re suppose to do that to brownies too. Cause no one likes dried out cake.

    And it seems that they eliminated the water that should be in there. Leaving one step out does not a dump cake make.

  29. i love your spatula

  30. When you said cherry pie filling was hard to come by I sat back a bit. There are things that are so common in America, so well known to us that to realize another country doesn’t have it is weird to me. I’m certain there are brands or foods that America doesn’t have that would be weird to you. I remember my sister had a Chinese friend (I don’t remember her name but I remember it meant sweet fragrance) (weird what you remember, right?) was surprised we didn’t have this wire basket on a stick tool for frying things with. She had to get one mailed from home, it was so strange to not have one!

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