Infomercialism: Dump Dinner Disaster Saga

This is what you get when you ask me to do a dump dinner. IT WENT SO WRONG.

But it went wrong for unexpected reasons…


How hard can it be to fix an oven door?

Very, apparently.

WAYHAY! Kinda.

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  1. Conan the commenter

    I don’t care how much hate I’ll get for this but, first YAY!!!

  2. I see what went wrong. There’s a hole for the bolt to go into, then a screw for you to use to secure the bolt in place!

    • Oooh, I think you’re correct. It looks like there’s a setscrew on the bottom of the handle that holds the nut in place. Loosen the setscrew and remove the nut from the handle to attach it to the door, then put the handle back on and tighten the setscxrew.

      Mike, you’ve gotten married and already moved into the bumbling husband routine. Here’s the script pitch: Mike decides to surprise his wife with dinner, but forgets that he needs potholders and drops the hot dish, smashing the oven door. When the wife suggests calling an appliance repairman, Mike says, no, they’re expensive and I can fix it myself! So he tries but he can’t figure how to get the handle back on. Mike does some wacky improvised handles but they’re all just too silly., the wife reveals that she just won a new oven in a raffle and everything’s fine. He tells her she’s the greatest and we fade out.

      • In his defense, we’re not shown instructions. He doesn’t complain about a lack of instruction or horrible instructions either. So, who knows.

        It’s a problem I’ve seen in computer hardware. No instructions, manual, or CDs. Nothing to tell you what to do or where to go. They assume you already know where the manufacturers website is and are willing to download all the things you need.

  3. It does say what flavor it is. Look at the icon. It says Bolognese. It’s an Italian meat sauce.

  4. Well, at least the pasta bake turned out nice, Mike.

  5. Fixing that oven door not going to be cheap, hopefully you will remember to always use either an oven mitt or a thick towel to remove things from the oven from now on.

  6. With all this, blokes are still fussing how you did it wrong.

  7. Fucking hell! You try to make videos to entertain people and this is the thanks that fate gives you. If their is a god that controls everything that entity is a prick.

    As a continual fuck up I can’t believe I haven’t done the same.

  8. The Movie Explorer

    Somebody PLEASE buy Mike an oven mitt/pot holder for his birthday!

  9. I’m sorry, MikeJ, that happened to your oven, but to tell you the truth, I laughed so hard, I nearly choked! Really, truly that sucks, but at least you didn’t get food poisoning again!

  10. Moviemantweeter1999

    Just to tell you,I did not want you get poisoned so you can believe whatever you want but just to bring up my point. But good thing the food wasn’t poisonous or otherwise you would be throwin up real hard like at universal studios. Nice job them not giving you a handle to fit in the front and all(how rude right). Then sent you another one but then you’d have to smash the glass again which you didn’t want to do(how ruder). But your problem got fixed,so good job buddy

  11. Boy, I’ll bet that resulted in a fight!

  12. Okay I’m sorry Mike, but you are just one of those people that are not meant to cook. Not a bad thing, but please don’t try anymore, I fear for your health. Sorry about your oven, and hope your burnt hand feels better soon. This whole dump cakes and dinners adventure you’ve been on has brought you nothing but misery hasn’t it?

    • And what I meant by that ‘not meant to cook’ thing because you seem to burn things easily and forget that things are in the oven a lot. Just wanted to clarify in case anyone wanted to jump down my throat.

  13. Congratulations on your nuptials, Mr. Jeavons.

  14. I, for one, did not want to see you do this Mike. There’s something about you eating unseasoned meat that makes me sick to my stomach.

    And obviously the Cooking Gods/Goddesses are pissed off at you for not seasoning your meat before cooking as well. As they tried, repeatedly, to communicate to you through your oven door disaster. You must swear a vow that from now on you’ll always season your meat prior to cooking to protect your oven doors from here on out.

  15. We need a new infomercialism mini-series on various oven mitts. Mike can rate them out of ten on their ability to prevent oven-shattering disasters like this one.

    I like to think British Bastard had a hand in this, though.

  16. It’s official. You need to patent #ovengate before someone else steals it! In all due seriousness though, tough luck with the oven door but at least it worked out in the end. I’m not sure if it was worth it for a dump pasta, but I suppose it was for a dump pasta and whatever revenue you make from these vids so I guess you can put it in perspective.

  17. I can’t believe the dump casserole worked… maybe there is something to that cookbook, I’m interested to see someone actually following the recipes from it now.

    Not worth the Oven door fiasco though…

  18. I’My condolences. I’ve had food poisoning twice myself. Once from the movie theaters, & once from a business luncheon. Terrible way to waste a vacation.

  19. Yay! SO glad you did this! Why are there Muppets on your pasta sauce? Also, who would know that all this would happen? What the heck? Actually, I would try this. Sorry about your honeymoon though. That sucks.

  20. At least the bake turned out good. It would have been even worse had you broken the oven door and the pasta bake tasted like shit as well. At least you got a new oven door. Hopefully you learned a lesson and will remember to use oven mits or pot holders. I’m probably guessing the new door wasn’t cheap. Guess that’s where your Patreon money went.

  21. Fan for years. First time I’ve ever bothered to reply to a video on this site. (I’m extraordinarily lazy). I just couldn’t help it. I went to Disney/Universal Studios for my honeymoon too, and my WIFE got food poisoning. Not a great way to spend the last day of your blissful trip to paradise, is it?

    Thanks for all the awesome videos! Yours are the ones I keep checking back to the site for.

  22. From experience I can say that oftentimes an oven door glass may look like it’s impossible to detach, but in actuality there’s a mechanism to do it rather easily, and which is rather obvious, but only if you know it. For someone who doesn’t know the mechanism it may well look like the glass is completely impossible to detach.

  23. Sounds a lot better than the instant mashed potatoes we get in the states.

    Lol I had a kitty in my lap but that bird noise at the end really freaked her out. She ran off all puffed up.

  24. Since yours seemed to work, I’m gonna try this right now because I happen to have all the ingredients and my kitchen is messy and i’m too lazy to clean it.

    So my recipes is as follows:
    Preheat oven 425 (I had to guess
    1lb lean ground beef
    1/2 pound dried pasta
    1 jar of tomato sauce
    1/3 cup of Port (that’s my secret tomato sauce ingredient)
    No cheese (cause I didn’t have any)

    In the oven for 40 minutes, I’ll report back how it turns out!

    (Also do you guys not eat rare hamburgers in england? cause i dunno why you’d think anything in there would poisonous. Tomato sauce is safe, pasta can only be undercooked, ground beef can eaten partially cooked.)

    • So it does appear to have worked for the most part.
      The noodles were unevenly cooked kind of, between “super al dente” and “correct,” which likely could be to me using string noodles as opposed to shapes/tubes.

      But it looks like using a crowded pan did leave a bit of a mess:

      Oh well.

    • What do you mean by ” pasta can only be undercooked”? Have you never had sticky and awful pasta?

      • Well, i’ve never had poisonous pasta, because there isn’t anything in it that could poison you.

        If pasta is undercooked you keep cooking it.

        If it’s overcooked, well it won’t kill you, and it’d be hard to overcooked pasta with this method, in a way that doesn’t just burn it to a crisp.

    • Ground beef cannot be “partially cooked” if you go by the health codes of pretty much every country. Grinding it exposes more surfaces, and the surfaces are where the bacteria collect. In the U.S., you have to cook it to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Farenheit, as E. coli dies at 155 degrees.

    • You can have a steak rare because things like E. Coli only really exist on the part of the beef exposed to air. Ground beef, however, mixes all the germs inside and if you don’t cook it all the way through you can get really sick and possibly die.

      I love a good rare steak, all bloody and red. But I would never risk a rare burger. Not even if I slaughtered and butchered the cow myself.

  25. thatkidwiththepimples

    No pizza pockets? Your poor soul.

  26. I hope you didn’t burn your hand too badly on that pan!

    Also, congratulations on your marriage!

  27. That looked like a teflon/non-stick pan with plastic handles you were using. You should never put something like that in the oven. The plastic will degrade and teflon starts giving off toxic fumes when it gets too hot. The only type of pan you should ever use in an oven is one that is entirely metal with no coating, preferably a cast iron pan.

  28. See, it wasn’t the meat that I was concerned about. It was the noodles. I’ve always been taught that it takes a lot of water to cook noodles. I precook the noodles whenever I oven-bake any noodle casserole.

    I mean, lasagna noodles are already mostly cooked when you make lasagna, too.

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