Infomercialism: Pie Face

A game where the loser gets a pie to the face!

Check out the Fantastic Storytelling Kickstarter HERE:

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  1. Shoulda put a layer of cheese on top of whipped cream, so it would be lighter.

  2. That was so funny. 😀

  3. Oh shit, I want this game. Should be fun for the family. XD

  4. it would be easier to clean up after yourself if you use shaving cream instead of whipped cream. Shaving cream is easier to wipe off and since it doesn’t contain sugar it doesn’t leave any sticky residue.

  5. You two are married. I’m sure you could come up with better body parts to put whipped cream and even squeeze cheese on than your faces.

  6. … The internet has ruined me.

  7. *shakes head* this is such a stupid game lol

  8. Huh. I wonder if people don’t know “pie face” used to be a slur for Asian people.

    Ah well. Your wife is a good sport, Mr. Jeavons, and so are you.

    • Huh, I wonder if people know that the Three Stooges, I Love Lucy, and numerous other physical comedy shows have always thrown pies to the face? One might thing it actually described what’s happening!

      • In the first place, Cirrra, please calm down. No one is under attack from me; I think you would know if I was condemning anyone, as I try to be direct when I’m telling someone off. I am genuinely wondering if people, whether the game’s creators or the audience of this video, don’t know it’s a slur, since it’s a slur I have only read in old books and never heard spoken aloud. I wonder if it’s too archaic for people to know.

        In the second place, if you are bound and determined to defend…whomever or whatever you’re trying to defend, then please note that your observation does not make mine stop being true.

  9. Oh man was this so much funnier than I thought it would be.

  10. For a future Infomercialism, what about looking at InVinceable, a new cleaning product by Vince Offer himself!
    (I wish i was joking…)

  11. I’m so confused… since when is whipped cream considered to smell BAD? It’s sweet and creamy and usually has vanilla in it. What on earth are you guys using in this video that smells bad enough to make you complain about it? I understand complaining about smelling like cheese, but… I don’t get it, is whipped cream somehow different in the UK?

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