Infomercialism: Pineapple Twist

Ever felt the need to eat an entire pineapple without cutting it first? Well now you can! Mike takes a look at the Pineapple Twist, and puts this interesting invention to the test.

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  1. LOL. I can’t even. 😀 Well, at least it works. 🙂

  2. Was that the Cilit Bang advert? He wasn’t shouting but it sure looked like him!

  3. That part in the center is the core of the pineapple and is never edible. that’s why you get pineapple in rings in a can. from a botany point of view each scale on the pineapple is a fruit and the core is the central woody stalk that the original flowers branched off of. I just had a fresh pineapple earlier this week and it’s not that hard to cut with a knife though that does look a little faster and easier. I find that you tend to get a lot less pineapple than you think you should no matter how you cut it.

  4. That part in the middle is trash,not a wasted part of the pineapple.Its really hard,not that tasty,and can seriously cut your tongue and cheeks if you try to chew it.So this product is actually a brilliant one.If you have a chance to eat fresh pineapples regularly,and dont just buy canned ones instead.

  5. Considering the core is inedible and the stuff clinging to the outside you can’t really get off even when you shave off the outer crap, it gives you pretty much all the edible pineapple it’s gonna give you.

    Its delicious fruit, but yeah, so incredibly acidic I’d probably bag up half of it for later.

  6. Pineapples are so disgusting why would anyone need a tool for them?

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I think I’ve tried pineapples in smoothies and there fine but guess you shouldn’t have token the pinapple(at least the whole thing) off the pinapple cutter. But I don’t like the pineapples at my school but I like the golden like things so guess that’s a form of pineapple so guess I should try this product.

  8. Too bad the pineapple slinky fell apart. Other than that, it seems to be one of the better products you’ve reviewed.

  9. is NOBODY gonna mention that he all but pointed out that pineapple will make your semen sweeter for the ladies to enjoy?

  10. You know, Mike’s little demo made me want to buy this product more than the actual commercial.

  11. Why do they always use guys with such irritating voices? Living in the uk, I’m sure you’ll recognise his voice, or voices very similar, from the super-annoying videos they play in pound shops and other cheapo places to advertise things like this. They put you off going anywhere near them just with those voices.

  12. It works like it’s supposed to? Well, blow me down!

    I like pineapple, but never cut my own. I’ve always got them in chunks or rings. This seems like an interesting device to use should I ever decide to do that.

  13. I always look for the part of the process they never show you in the infomercials… The big one for that is for Easy Omelette, that mold for making omelettes in the microwave. They always show them pouring the omelette mixture into the mold…then cut right to pulling the collapsed mold out of the microwave. How in the world are you supposed to close the thing without spilling half of the stuff everywhere?

    …Can’t recall if you did that one…

  14. All Continental Europeans including us Russians except the Spanish call the Pineapple Ananas while the Spaniard blokes call the fruit Pina with that wavy apostrophe thingy, probably that’s the reason why it is translated as “Pineapple” in English because it looks like an apple that grows on a pine tree I guess? the fruit is shaped like a pine tree which I’m sure does grow in somewhere in Spain like northeast of the country, but once again the rest of Europe named it a non-specific name not by the way it looks or resembles something else I guess that makes us non-Spanish Europeans smarter, Ananas damn it Ananas.

  15. You better find the time to somehow read my comment and why do you often have to make sexual penis references you twat.

  16. oops forgot that question mark but made up for it, sorry feel stressed out today.

  17. I used to work at a pizza place where we would cut up our own pineapple and there was a guy there who didn’t know that pineapple had an inedible core so whenever he cut it, we would have to go in and manually remove all of those hard pieces by hand. When we finally told him to stop doing that, he acted totally surprised about it. Pineapples have an inedible core, for anyone who doesn’t know that.

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