Infomercialism: Slo Mo Crash Dummies Montage

Who doesn’t want to see toys crashing in slow motion? This is what the internet was MADE for!

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  1. I was never into Crash Dummies, but a lot of my relatives had the toys and smashed them everywhere. I couldn’t even fathom having to put these back together again since I’d probably have all the parts fall down in a gutter.

    With that said, this video was AWESOME.

  2. So now we need to get a project to get you a real slowmo camera. It wouldn’t have to be too good, just maybe 240 fps or so, and you play it back at, say, 15 fps.

  3. Dude, you know what would’ve made this even better is if you set it to this:

  4. You should somehow incorporate these toys into your next Shameful Sequel video. 😀

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