Infomercialism: Stufz

Create a stuffed burger, because that makes much more sense than just putting the cheese on top…?

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  1. Huh, I just made burgers like this a couple days ago, but with cream cheese and chopped jalapenos for the filling. I usually have problems with the cheese and stuff oozing out, so this product kinda looks like something I’d actually want.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    That looks like a really good product if you ask me.too bad it really leaves a bad mess.I’ve never tried a burger rare so that one you pointed to is probably not the one for me and if I ate a burger raw i would die.I don’t think you slapping that burger that way would work on kim kardashian probably someone with a flat toosie would work.

    • rare does not mean raw; it’s more of a texture and taste thing than anything. you can achieve the prerequisite 160 degrees fahrenheit without the beef being grayed out in the middle, you just either need to really slow cook it on like a low-medium flame with the average residential gas grill, or to grill it at a really high temperature and get a nice char on the outside.

  3. I should love this but for some reason I’m really feeling like Pizza this week… Send it to me when you’re done with it.

  4. So it works, barely?


  6. Looks like they’re burned on the outside and nearly uncooked on the inside.

  7. Yeah I don’t understand the point of the Stufz. I’ve done stuffed burgers before but all I used was a coffee mug to get the general shape. It also wasn’t as thick as the patty you get with Stufz, which is why the middle is still rare here. I’ve made a Juicy Lucy which is a burger stuffed with American Cheese and it was pretty good. If someone wants a stuffed burger Stufz isn’t the easiest way to make one.

  8. Like others have said. You don’t really need that thing to make stuffed burgers … it’s not that hard to form the meat into a bowl, fill it and close it up with a bowl you already own and your hands … so … yeah.

  9. when I visited Japan, a popular curry dish I came across included a cheese-stuffed hamburger (the patty, not as a sandwich), it was actually fairly delicious!

  10. Why not just put the toppings on top of the burger? I pretty sure the world has some serious issues to address. Instead of putting time and effort into making the world a better place we just invent needless things.

    I think the human race is over. We’ve done all we can do. Time we just pack it in. It’s been nice knowing some of you, most of you were pricks.

  11. We have this and a cheaper knock-off from Lucky’s. The knock-off actually works a lot better, allowing for more customization and easier cleaning.

  12. I’ve been to restaurants that specifically advertise the fact that they feature stuffed burgers, and have never been impressed.

  13. So now we just combine this with the Bacon Bowl, right?

  14. Someone send this Brit a George Forman Grill.

  15. I don’t care what people think, a burger with cheese in the meat sounds freaking delicious! Too bad this product seems to make the burgers hard to cook all the way through because they need to be so damn huge.

  16. ‘Murica!

  17. The Movie Explorer

    Let’s just say that stuffed burgers are an “acquired taste” and leave it at that.

  18. I have wanted to try a stuffed burger, but with many of the ‘As Seen on TV’ products, do not work quite as well as using basic tool you already have. Not to mention, using plastic like that would be a pain to clean as you dont want to cross contaminate with raw meat.

    Like others have mentioned though, someone send this Brit a George Foremen Grill. It will really help with many of the prep and cook TV products. Although I do like the idea of a stuffed burger with ground beef, its a burger filled with a burger. That is pure genius.

    • A burger within a burger. Sounds like the beginning of ‘Inception 2’.

      Anyway…I mentioned the George Foreman Grill because A. Mike hasn’t reviewed one yet and B. It’s just something I’d expect him to be using (or at least have one by now) due to its long run on infomercials and the popularity it’s had. Also, if the thing really does what it’s famous for it should cook healthier burgers due to the oil and grease running off the meat.

    • we need to make a bacon stuffed burger.

  19. At least it works.

  20. That ending just killed me.


  21. Wow, this is like healthy food level work for a BURGER! I think you put too much meat in before you put in the cheese! You have some issues, Mike.

  22. Stuff it with Bacon! Epicness complete!

  23. Kind of unhealthy.

  24. I am although a carnivore, not even the movie Babe about a heroic kind heart of gold pig could make turn away from eating pork or other meats, although I am probably not the one who would actually slaughter and butcher the poor thing, but yeah I love eating meat of all kinds I can’t help it even if I was devoutly Jewish and ate only Kosher food (which everybody knows pork and shellfish is not because it’s unclean flesh to both Jews and Muslims and some other reasons) which I’m not, sorry respectful vegetarians and vegans out there.

  25. An over-easy egg is the only thing I’m really curious about tasting. Otherwise, anything with a spice or a meat with some different texture might be cool.

  26. If I could have a burger that was mostly filled out with cheese, that’d be kind of interesting. if you have to make it with so much that it’s already two burgers, then you have less to go on.

  27. i think you might have done it wrong.

  28. Man, this thing is fucking awesome. And it works well, too.

  29. Based on my experience in the restaurant business, making a regular burger, especially a specialty burger, will be messy no matter. The only thing you can do is to try to minimize the mess as much as possible.

    As for the product, it does do exactly as advertised and it would be easy to use if you are an experienced chef. For those who are interested in making a simple burger but want it more uniformed instead of a slab of meat, here’s what you do:

    1 cutting board
    1 circle that fits to your ideal burger size
    Cuttng tools you can find in your garage such as a jigsaw

    Trace circles onto the cutting board and then cut out the circles with your cutting tools. After that, you can put fill the gaps with burger meat. Use wax paper to keep the burger from sticking to the counter.

  30. I just want to warn everyone – there are GOOD versions of this same product and BAD versions. Look for the versions which do not rely upon hinges. The Hinged product usually breaks. Also, make sure the meat is room temperature when you mold it, so it molds easier.

    WATCH YOUR TEMPERATURE WHEN YOU COOK! It’s sooo easy to under cook a stuffed burger. Meat Thermometers work.

    A stuffed burger can be REAL fun. Here are ingredients that can make a stuffed burger totally awesome:

    * Chili
    * Refried Beans
    * Anaheim Peppers
    * Spicy Peppers
    * Muenster Cheese with some Chedder or Jack (Muenster is best for a creamy melting), if all else fails, Velveeta or American is ok I guess.
    * Grilled Onions
    * Sauteed Mushrooms (maybe add some swiss)

    JESUS I’m starving now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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