Infomercialism: Top 15 Funniest at Tring Museum

Check out a taxidermists wet dream in the form of Tring Museum in Hertfordshire, UK. There are more funny animal expressions than you can shake a stick at!

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  1. A good portion of that didn’t make sense to me. Maybe I’m bad at reading expressions.

  2. Some of it looks like something they would have at the old roadside attractions along Route 66, or some other pre-interstate highway, with a nicer building.

  3. That is some bad taxidermy.

    Though not as bad as the Lion of Gripsholm Castle.

  4. LOL! Please do more museum tours!

  5. The “shark” is a sturgeon and the “cheetah” is a lynx. But this museum looks awesome, next time I’m in the area I got to have a visit.

  6. This was funny Mike, I didn’t even know about this place, I might just have to visit it now!

    There is a museum I went to a few days ago that I think you should visit as well, it is near Aylesbury, about 10 miles from Tring called Tiggywinkles. It is a wildlife sanctuary and hospital particularly for hedgehogs, rabbits, foxes, deer, birds and amphibians with a small zoo for both permanent and non-permanent residents.

    Mow this all sounds perfectly normal for a charitable organisation, but what makes it strange is that it is home to the world’s only hedgehog museum, that’s right, hedgehog museum. I understand the little hedgehog statues on display and even famous hedgehogs such as Sonic, but what I didn’t expect to see was the lifesize cardboard cutout of Neelix from Star Trek Voyager that was displayed because his nickname was ‘hedgehog’!

    Everything and I mean EVERYTHING related to hedgehogs or has even been named hedgehog is in this collection, no matter how bizzare or unrelated to actual hedgehogs it is and I think it would make a great show.

  7. This was good for a few chuckles.


    Good Video. Imagine placing some of Damien Hirst’s animals where they should be here.

  9. I’ve never heard of this museum. It looks really interesting.

  10. You should see the hilariously bad taxidermied lion at Gripsholm Castle in Sweden.

  11. Ah, I’ve been to Tring Museum as part of a Uni trip. What I remember most is the cool Chinese chippy nearby and the abundance of rare Red Kites on the way up. Still have photos from it though and recall the conservation panels and guide to taxidermy it had there. Plus so many reptiles. :3

    Doesn’t it have a huge emphasis on the guy that founded it?

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