Infomercialism: Wanky Whisk

A whisk which you use by… well…

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  1. Moviemantweeter1999

    Dang that looks good but that doesn’t make a really good omelette. Also like the shirt.

  2. I don’t think we can blame the whisk for the omelette. Your “tiny” amount of water was equal to about half the volume of the egg. For a single egg, try like a tablespoon, max and it’ll turn out much better. (Yeah yeah, correction correction, nit pick nit pick… learn how to make a proper omelette)

  3. Omg! ur using it wrong! gawd!

    Just kidding. But I am curious as how well it works when flour is thrown in the mix (enough for a loose dough). If you do happen to revisit it for what ever reason, would you test it out on various dough and batter consistencies, starting with the loosest to the thickest. Heres some ideas: crepe -> pancake -> cake/muffin. It would also be a good excuse to eat something yummy on the show.

  4. So what exactly do you do with a froth made of water and instant coffee? Some kind of iced coffee?

  5. Don’t omelets use butter?

  6. Great, now we’re one step closer to visualizing Mike following up on his offer to Vegetti his junk into a fine point, just like he said he would in the Kung Fu Panda Ripoff film.

  7. It’s the cooking version of the Shakeweight —

  8. Seems like a good product, and a handy gadget for the kitchen, even if it’s just a Yankee Screwdriver with a whisk attachment.

  9. I hear you can’t really do a “true” omelette on one of those stoves anyway. You need an open flame and to “roll it around” within the skillet while you hold it over. (I’m not sure about British opinions, but there’s some sections of the USA where they’ll insist you aren’t even cooking unless you use a gas stove with an open flame…that you’re merely “warming” food otherwise.) But I myself pretty much make an omelette by cooking scrambled eggs as if I was frying them, so… 🙁

    Maybe it was designed to try to apply male muscle memory toward cooking…

    • My “warmed” food turns out just fine, thanks.

    • There’s some parts of America where beastiality was only outlawed recently and others where you can marry your dad.

    • There is a reason why restaurants use open flame top stoves instead of electric, control. Anyone who says you can’t cook properly on an electric stove is a moron…you can cook very well on an electric stove. It is just you have more control and can do more things easier on a open flame. Its kinda like having an Automatic instead of a Manual on a car. Yes you can drive extremely well with an Automatic, but there are things that the extra control of an Manual lets you do better. Also that does not include Inductive ranges which give even more control then open flames and are showing up in a lot of high end restaurants now.

    • I’ve made plenty of good omelets on my electric stove. It just takes a slightly different technique

    • Nope. No flame needed for an omelet.

  10. I wonder if the whisked egg would cook better in the Diablo Toaster thing. You wouldn’t have to scrape in order to flip it.

  11. That grin at the very end…

  12. What amuses me about these videos is that you use the products in pretty much the same way that I would.

    …Maybe slightly better, actually.

  13. Yeah… nothing like room-temperature instant coffee.

  14. I think you wanked too hard with that egg, personally. Too much air in it.

    I had always heard that you put a tablespoon of milk into your eggs to make good omelets or scrambled eggs.

    Also you should’ve put some butter or at least sprayed the pan first. They might say “non-stick” but they’re never really non-stick.

  15. I should look into getting one of these, as my old regular whisk is getting a little worn out.

    Plus, is it just me, or is this one of the sexier episodes of this?

  16. I have the weirdest boner right now. 0_o

  17. just wanted to say that Infomercialism is actually one of my favorite shows these days. hard to pinpoint why, just is. I think it fills an itch we want to deny we have. plus fun. keep it up. I only want to see more and more.

  18. “embrace the wank.” is it weird I am kindof turned on now?

  19. They could have called it the Wanky Whisk, aftrer all, the Wonder Boner and the Shake Weight exist in the same universe too. And using a whisk that fast without batteries seems like a good idea. I guess it’s easier to use than the models with a crank.

  20. Hmm, it seemed like it occasionally got caught at an angle, and like it’d dig into your hands after a while… I also wonder about its long-term durability, seems like gimmicky stuff like this works great for a while, until something bends or breaks, or you start getting blisters.

  21. “Add just a little water…” *dumps half a pitcher in it*

  22. malkereth baal tsar

    shouldn’t u buy it dinner before giving it a wank?

  23. You Wanky Whisk-ed the omelette so hard it threw white stuff all over the table, what a mess.

  24. First off, I do really like your show and your observations. I’ve even purchased at least one product based on finding something actually worth while. This is one of those things I’d consider; as you mentioned, it looks like a good alternative to an electric mixer in a pinch for small scale things.

    I had a physics lab in college that involved something like this. A college age me definitely found that a good, prolonged, highly-practiced wanking motion was extremely helpful. Absolutely _no one_ made the obvious humor in it. I believe that they all feared that if you made the person stirring uncomfortable, the stirrer might stop, and then they’d have to do it themselves. Your video was catharsis long in coming after that. Thank you.

    While I could comment on the terrible looking omelette, I instead include a link and an offer to make you an omelette should we ever meet and I have the opportunity.

    “…and then you want a good tablespoon of butter”.

  25. If Ideal Hiome Show is mostly about useless expensive stuff, wouldn’t most visitors already have a decent food processor?

  26. Interesting test video. Just for reference, you do not want to beat the egg until it is a foamy mess . . . that is egg abuse. You just want to make sure that the water and the egg are well incorporated. And of course use a hot and oiled/buttered pan to cook the egg.

  27. It’s like someone tried to make a manual stick blender and failed and decided to make it a crappy whisk instead.

  28. Why in the world was the omelet white on top and yellow on bottom?

  29. “I’ve had a lot of experience…” Woah! Too much information, Mike! Haha.

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