Inhumans: The Imax Experience

ERod takes on The Most Notorious Marvel Cinematic Universe property thus far.

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  1. Is the Inhumans worst current series? No. It is cheesy, but let’s not exaggerate. Original comic also wasn’t that great. It is equal to iZombe od Legends of Tomorrow. I in fact give a shit about it slightly, what I can’t tell about iZombie what I totally skip.

    Also show creators miss big joke related to Lockjaw.. his only power is teleportation as such big dogs are simply real. It is hard to determine exact race but he is either: Mastiff or Boerboel, anyway such insanely huge dogs (almost do exist). Why they didn’t hire one of them? It would look awesome!

    • Also I in fact do like fact that this show is a gray-zone. Yes, Maximus is right but he also could be a sociopath. It wasn’t entirely Black Bolt fault that because of his powers he was separated from people, but in this same time Maximus use fact that his cause is noble to justify quite shady revolution. Even if Inhuman’s struggle with resources they were more or less safe place, when Maximus clearly intend to conquer, not just establish colony.

      Though I agree that they should rethink using this director anymore. He clearly lack skills.

  2. Best part about the Inhumans is that there’s no politics in it.

  3. I’m actually really liking the Inhumans. I’m one of the 2 million viewers. I think Maximus is holding up the whole show. I will also say that you could easily see what Maximus’ motivation was. No other elaboration was needed there. However, this show works for me in particular because: A. I like cheesy shows, B. I knew of them from the Disney XD Guardians of the Galaxy show, and C. I’ve been watching Agents of SHIELD since Season 1 Episode 1. I’m excited about your continuation video.

  4. The Real Silverstar

    The Inhumans can’t be properly replicated in live-action on a TV budget. That’s all there is to it. Attilan is supposed to be this technologically advanced Mount Olympus, but on this show it just looks like an abandoned office building, plus I really dislike when shows have powered characters become severely nerfed or conveniently forget how their powers work just to keep the story going and stay within their tiny budget. Perhaps this should’ve been animated.

    That scene in which Karnak dresses down the serving girl who gives him the eye was cringe-worthy; was that really the best way the writers could think of to explain Karnak’s abilities? Also, the show seems to have glossed over how Karnak’s powers aren’t a result of Terrigenesis; Karnak is Triton’s brother, and Triton’s mutation was so severe that their parents begged that Karnak not undergo Terrigenesis; he was sent to a monastery and was trained as a monk instead. I guess the show’s writers didn’t think we’d be able to wraps our heads around that.

    Also, while the Inhumans have the potential to be interesting in their own right, they’re not a suitable substitute for the X-Men, though Isak Perlmutter (sp?) can’t seem to get that through his head.

  5. I was done with this as soon as I saw the scene where Maximus shaves Medusa’s head with an ordinary pair of clippers. That’s right up there with the scene in Superman IV: The Quest For Peace where Lex Luthor cuts a thread of Superman’s hair (which is trong enough to support a 1,000 ton weight) with an ordinary pair of bolt cutters. Could you make it more obvious that you didn’t have the budget to animate Medusa’s hair for more than a single scene? As Erod noted, it wasn’t that way in the comics. Medusa’s hair is super strong, but here you’re left wondering how these people managed to stay in power as long as they have. It’s not a good sign when one of the show’s main heroes can be defeated by a barber.

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