Inhumans: The Series – Blockbuster Buster

ERod gave Marvel’s most Notorious Series one last chance to avoid being busted. Will the Inhumans manage to gain ERod’s favor, or will they fall victim to The Fanboy Fury?

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  1. I think this TV series was literally shuffle-movie. They seriously try promote Inhumans (as X-man replacement) but people didn’t like it and so they push it back for some time, but in end they decided that they don’t want waste investment and make it in budget, because it clearly lack proper money. Even if I did like story itself. But no.. I still don’t give a shit about them.

  2. I saw about half of the episodes live. I thought it was slightly above average. A 5.5 out of 10. Then again, I only know about the Inhumans from the Guardians of the Galaxy Disney XD show and Agents of SHIELD. The acting ranged from fantastic (Maximus) to horrible (Crystal). I really liked Maximus and Gorgon. I wished there were more action scenes though. I also liked the character development but I still don’t know how I felt about the weed plot. Lastly, when you put the “Black Bolt knew” twist like that, that WAS stupid.

  3. Well, well, well the bitch is back! Missed you.

  4. I never knew that DC stood for “direct competition.”

  5. I think it’s too much to call Louise a Felicity clone. I’m also surprised anyone describes that character as “beloved”

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