Injustice 2 – Angry Review

SuperJoe & BatJoe go head to head when reviewing the Sequel to the else-worlds universe, Injustice! How does this DC experience stack up? Does it improve on the original enough to warrant your attention?

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  1. Welp, at least you had the intro music. 🤷 I would probably buy this game if I wasn’t strapped for cash.

  2. handsomefatman

    Anytime Joe praises or complains about number of characters in a fighter, I roll my eyes. As if he’ll even come close to mastering one, let alone the 8 in Skullgirls’ initial roster he whined about, or the 20+ in Injustice 2.

  3. Yeah, one of the very few things i’m not a huge fan of in the game is the randomness of the loot, Specifically the randomness. no other aspect of it.

    I mean if you told me “you can go to *this* multiverse planet and fight in *this* match to win a ‘Daddy’s little monster’ T-shirt for Harley”, I’d focus on that like a shark smelling a drop of bloon half a mile away.

    But, you can’t really do that. there’s a way to *increase* the odds you *might* get loot for the *right* *character*, but that’s it. At one point i had about 10 nearly identicle catwoman masks with slightly different ears. I sold most of them, of course.

    Other than that, the game is awesome, even the gear system, especially the gear system. I just wish it was at least possible to get specific gear you want even if it meant doing a really long mission.

    Like, at the time this comment was written, Injustice 2 and the Wonder Woman movie are doing a cross promotion where you can do a multiverse quest and specifically win Gal Godot armour.

    More of that please!

  4. Joe…you have to ask why Cheetah?

    Uhmm…guaranteed purchases from the furries out there.

  5. I have no idea how they’re gonna handle the story in Injustice 3, but I kind of hope they go with the bad ending. The “good ending” is fairly standard,

    but… I won’t say, but the Bad Ending is way more interesting. That has the more juicy cliffhanger. That’s the story I wanna continue.

    Still, maybe they’ll work out some clever way to include both storylines. Maybe they’ll remake the ending, like Back to the Future II re-shot the ending of Back to the Future 1 with a different actress, so you can finish the story again, make the same descisions, and continue the story from those points.

    Or maybe they’ll, I dunno, somehow connect it to Injustice 2 like how in mass Efect 3 there’s some characters you can only sleep with if you already had a relationship with them on your Mass Effect 2 savegame

    …nah, Back to the Future.

  6. Does anyone else find it odd that NetherRealm left out one of the best martial artists in the DC universe, Cassandra Cain?

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