INSIDE: Conclusion – Lotus

We have a large puzzle to solve, but then, we have to deal with…the shockwaves.

We encounter a twist! Yes, this game has a twist! Then, it’s time to enter the final area of the game. Puzzles get really weird now!

It’s time to beat the game, and wooooah, it gets outrageous. Let’s go crazy!

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I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. I thought I heard somewhere that the music that plays near those ball secrets is the clue to opening that door.

  2. I’m thinking that those are zombie merpeople.

    That ending creeped me out so much. Then again, unexplainable endings and scenes have creeped me out ever since I was young. I’ve never seen the full ending of this game. In the other Let’s Play I saw, they never finished it past the “running into glass panes as a blob” part. As for the secret ending, I never interrupt those as canon but that’s just me.

    • The secret ending might even be legitimate. Two people in the YT comments section theorized that even the blob’s escape was part of the plan, as evidenced by the diorama of the forest we fall through – the scientists probably knew that would happen. Cutting off the power would also cut off the cycle of escape and recapture.

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