Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas – Nostalgia Critic

Dr. Claw as Santa? Yep, this was a thing, and it’s just as crazy as it sounds.

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  1. My question, though it might have been explained in the movie, (though unlikely), and the NC just cut it out, but if Dr. Claw was going to use that ship to fly the presents around, why was it stuck on the ice berg instead of just flying back?

  2. Wow.

    I never realised it was Cree Summer (one of my favourite VAs) that voiced Penny. I was never a huge Gadget fan as a child (the them was the best thing about the show), so it’s not something I’ve watched for decades, so by the time I was old enough to grock voice acting as a thing, I don’t think I’ve seen anything.

    You learn something knew every day.

    And that last part was absolute *gold.*

    I’d totally have Penny as world overlord; at least we’d have somone conpetant in the job (unlike… every government currently existing) and the fact she seems to be just a little bit Evil (or a lot) doesn’t hurt at all…

  3. Maybe Claw wanted to ruin christmas for brag rights at the next evil mastermind meet up?

    Vilian 2: I hear ya, I robbed a bank with a comb; pretty evil. Was about you Claw?
    Claw: Oh yes, I also ruined christmas and blamed santa, crushing the hopes and dreams of many children. Yes, i’m THAT evil!

  4. I watched Inspector Gadget as a kid but never actually liked it. I found it incredibly formulaic and dull even back then. Dr. Claw was by far then best part. I was always waiting for the episode where he’d actually win, but it never happened sadly. This film thoroughly dispels any cool factor he might’ve had left.

  5. Wow man, that cameo/guest-star at the end IS awesome! 😀

  6. So the critic can use the plothole to teleport to alien planets, so that he can destroy them because of Christmas? WOWZERS!!

  7. How many voices of my childhood will Doug get to say scary and crazy things?

  8. Did…did the Nostalgia Critic become a Dragon Ball Z character?

  9. Penny needs a spinoff comic book of her own.

  10. Actually, in the 2015 Inspector Gadget reboot, Penny is an agent-in-training. She works officially with Gadget and does indeed get the credit she deserves.

  11. That was some great animation at the end.

  12. Isnt the girl who voiced Penny tbhe same one who did the mouse in the Titantic Animated Movie. The one with the rapping dog. The one that mentions If it want for you I would have been in the cat`s digestion..

  13. Did the Critic just tear the fabric of reality apart with his love of Christmas?

  14. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Maybe I should give this one a chance someone, looks like crazy fun.

    • Check out the original series from the 80s if you can.

      Yes it’s formulaic, but the fun is in the expected chaos. Cree Summer and Don Adams lend a lot of charm and humor to every episode.

      The fun is that Inspector Gadget isn’t just a bumbling detective like Maxwell Smart or Inspector Clouseau, he’s a walking disaster area that inadvertently beats the tar out of M.A.D agents with his gadget misfires and clueless meddling.

  15. Wow props for actually getting Cree Summer to do a cameo. That whole final bit was thing of beauty.

  16. …I’d love to see a movie based on that ending.

  17. I was never a huge fan of Inspector Gadget because the series had Scooby Doo levels of repetition and predictability, but this was a fun review and getting the actual Cree Summer (the original voice of Penny) to do a guest was icing on the cake.

  18. 13:05 And the winner is French Stewart.

  19. Oh my god, that ending was amazing.

  20. darn the voice actor of penny… sweet i did not know

    also darn i miss the last year music video 😛

  21. NC went “Dark Phoenix” on their asses lol

    “Linnae Quigley’s Horror Workout” ……… Did Nostalgia Critic just give us a idea for what to give Count Jackula for a Christmas present this year? Cause I can see someone totally buying him that! XD

  22. I, for one, welcome our new Penny overlord.

  23. Hate to be that guy but…yeah, Broderick never got an Oscar nom. Golden Globe, Emmy, Tony, but never an Oscar. I will submit to my flogging now.

  24. Honore de Ballsack

    Why are there eight Rudolphs?
    I always wanted to know who Penny’s parents were.
    Cree may be a very nice person but holy shit were Elmyra and Freddie annoying.

  25. Cree Summer, awesome!!

  26. I KNEW that was her!!! lol! Love ya Cree!!!

  27. Okay maybe my last comment was rather pretentious and politically correct, so let me reinterpret that.

    I can acknowledge Doug’s choice and even Cree agreeing to adding profane language in their work, I can acknowledge other people’s freedom of speech; but I still think this could be just as funny and creative without the profane content.

    I don’t know maybe it’s because I spent my life living in a more blue environment, or that I just don’t like watching kid friendly characters drop the F-bomb uncensored (particularly if there may be actual kids watching, but let’s leave that out) as I grew up with those characters so watching something this animated with the actual voice actress in character using such language unnerves me, but either case I just don’t like it.

    But again, if everyone else likes it, and even thinks it makes it funnier because of how twisted it is then that’s okay, it’s still art and art is suppose to be subjective so it’s okay for us to have polarizing opinions so long as we’re being open minded with them; different strokes for different folks after all.

  28. Mind-controlling hats used by a power-hungry madman with enormous resources he has no idea how to employ? Given current events, this villain set-up is entirely TOO plausible.

  29. Great cameo except for the “nuke-u-lur” part…

    Also, the Claw impersonation was pretty good. Way better than the guy who subbed for Frank Welker a few times on the actual show… -_-

  30. Anyone else notice that Dr. Claw’s wrists look exactly like Inspector Gadget’s extendo-arms?

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