Invisible Man – Blood Splattered Crossover

This week The Horror Guru shows up on Lady Jess’ Pre-Code Month to review The Invisible Man!

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Snorgatch Pandalume

This movie is extremely loyal to H.G. Wells’s book. Griffin was a complete and utter sociopath in that, too.


He was an actual monster. More realistic than ghouls or vampires, and even more twisted and evil. The darkest nature of mankind is what a real monster is created from, not electrodes or human skin bound books with funny words in them..

Snorgatch Pandalume

We don’t know, though, if Griffin was always like that, or if it was a side-effect of the serum that made him invisible, or if the enormous power of being invisible corrupted him and drove him mad. Unlike in the book, the movie Griffin does get a bit at the end where he acknowledges what a monster he became and shows remorse for it before he dies. Not that that negates all the death and destruction he caused.

EA Solinas
I’m kind of surprised this hasn’t been remade. I mean, the book is public domain and it has a pretty straightforward story with plenty of violence, paranoia and possibilities for CGI. The only one I can think of is “Hollow Man,” which is horrifying for entirely different reasons (eroticized rape and animal murder). The second Invisible Man movie is also very interesting. Rather than introducing the Invisible Man as a murderous psychopath who may have been nicer when he wasn’t invisible, we see the slow degradation of a good and kind man wrongly accused of murder. He becomes more vicious… Read more »