Iron Fist – Honest Review

ERod shares his thoughts on the most scrutinized of the Marvel/Netflix Shows.

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  1. About trying to make Cap look like an idiot: Joss tried really hard in Age of Ultron with that stupid go-nowhere “LANGUAGE!” gag. Which totally backfires BECAUSE CAP SWEARS IN ALMOST EVERY OTHER MOVIE AT LEAST ONCE! From “Light the bastards up!” in The Avengers to “What the hell are you doing here?” and “Damn right!” in Winter Soldier. Now, maybe I could understand if Tony had dropped an F-Bomb or something, but otherwise, this gag is just stupid.

    About the mask: I agree. I could do without the green spandex disco suit, but there’s no reason they couldn’t have had at least the mask.

  2. Just like in LC, the main villain is not who it seems at the beginning. LC had Maria while IF has Harold Michum. Personally, I liked IF way more than LC. You are nitpicking a lot here. Not a lot of genuine criticism (I think).

    Also, Danny was still an immature 10-year-old in many ways, which explains his erratic and sometimes irrational behavior.

    • that’s the problem. he shouldn’t have been an immature 10 year old after training 15 years in a monastery. it doesn’t fit in the story.

  3. It’s funny because every critic seems to hate Iron Fist and every audience member seems to like Iron Fist. I can’t have much of an opinion though because I don’t have Netflix. Although, you disliked Agent Carter? I would like to see a Honest Review of that just to know why. I absolutely loved that show. O.o

    • I disliked Agent Carter because there was too much “40’s is sexist” and not enough “Carter badass fighting”. the only episode I liked in the first season was the last one, that had everything I wanted, and barely anything I didnt. and then the 2nd season reset everything. I am fine with some of the 40’s being the 40’s, but at a certain point the only likable character in most episodes is the Butler; since Carter really does not have a personality.

  4. The reason he went to New York was handed to the writers on a silver platter.
    “Whats that, Stick? the Hand is trying to make a magic super weapon in New York, and it is so great threat that we need to risk sending the Iron Fist to deal with it, and it is connected to the Meechums in what may have been a long term scheme to attack us?”
    then make Joy his Fawkes at the company while he sneaks around.

  5. and this is stage Odin-damn three! you are past the point of tip toeing around super powers. have him fight the dragon and claim best special effects like crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon did.

  6. Yeah, I was irritated that they didn’t give him his mask too. Especially since that’s one of my favourite masks in Marvel.

  7. the “main character gets committed” trope is one of the ones I hate the most. I’d say that even if you watch this show, skip the first two episodes because they are pointless and frustrating

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