Iron Fist – Rewrite

Justin goes over what he thinks would’ve made for a better Iron Fist show.

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They need to put Danny in some version of the iron Fist costume. In the Comics Danny fully embraces the idea of being a masked crime fighter. He wears this costume all the time, even when He and look are just chilling and getting a bite to eat at the local diner.


I personally loved how they solve that in Luck cage, when he wear his classic costume only in one scene after his escape. Point is that was a joke as he was forced to do that, but if someone did noticed him it could make it part of the urban legend.

I was disappointed by lack of similar scene in the Iron Fist show even if I totally get why they costumes aren’t that important for street level superheroes.

I think your version is excellent, and certainly an improvement over the one we got. I worry, however, that it would neglect some other themes that I felt were crucial to the arc of the series. Personally, I really liked the theme the show explored of pleasant deception versus brutal honesty, evidenced by Bakuto and Gao, and to a lesser extent Harold and Ward: both of the former examples used deceit and the appearance of friendship to align themselves with Danny, while the latter two, while not Danny’s friends, were mostly entirely genuine. (Ward was, of course, a liar to… Read more »

I personally did like show and totally don’t get why it was so poorly received? Yes, it isn’t as good as other show in the series but bad? No.. definitely not.

I think the shows biggest missteps was trying to make Danny all tortured and angsty like the other three Defenders….precisely because it makes him like the other three Defenders. While they mope about their tragic backstories there’s Danny all like “My parents died in a plane crash, but eh, that was a while back. I’m over it. Does anyone want tea?” Not only does it emphasise his monkishness but it means that when you do reach the team-up he serves at the mediator between the other three, his calm acceptance countering their general grouchiness. In terms of just the series… Read more »

Clair is the netflix version of the Son of Coul

No Claire? Hell, no! She was the best thing in this series. You can ditch or downplay Colleen (as Jessica Henwick isn’t a very good actress – she isn’t as awful as Elodie Yung, but close), but Claire has to stay. My idea about a rewrite would be to start off with Danny in a mental hospital, telling parts of his story to the doctors. During the conversation, the doctors point out several ways in which the story doesn’t make sense, ending with the observation that if he had all these fantastical powers, why is he still here? The answer… Read more »