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Disneycember begins with a look at the Marvel movies, Star Wars movies, and popular demands! Here is Doug’s thoughts on Iron Man.

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  1. Kris Stark-Holmes

    Ahhhh Yas ^^. Very excited to see your thoughts on Empire strikes Back! Totally agree with thoughts on Ironman’s second half.

  2. The Scarlet Ninja

    Iron Man(until i see how Spiderman is portrayed in this universe) is my favorite Avenger! Why? Because we saw Captain America without his powers, we saw Thor without his powers, etc. Were they interesting? Not really in my opinion. Take away the Ironman suit, and Tony Stark is still a blast to watch! That’s why his movies are my favorite(even tho I love all of them), yes even Ironman 2!

    • Agree totally. Actually, I’m a fan of Tony (I know he calls it and acts as if ‘Iron Man’ was another character, probably though the years of legacy where in the stories people thought ‘The Iron Man’ was Stark’s bodyguard and didn’t realise it was him), an find him interesting as a flawed, intelligent human rather than his suit. Because really, his superpower is his mind.

    • Whisky Tango Foxtrot

      Take away Tony’s suit and he still has his superpowers. His “power” is that he’s smart enough to build the suits, not just that he has them.

    • As far as I know, the movie rights to Spiderman still belong to a rival production company, don’t they? So Spiderman in this universe probably wouldn’t be happening.

      • The Scarlet Ninja

        UHHHHH…where have you been? Sony and Marvel made a deal so Spiderman can appear in the MCU, while Sony still retain the rights. He’s being played by Tom Holland, and will appear in Captain America Civil War next year, and then the following year in his own movie.

  3. Hmm. You’re getting outclassed by a bunch of newcomers, brother. You better do something about it. If not for the views, for the ego.



    Please rectify that this year. D:

    • I agree. There’s a a ton of older (and nostalgic) live action movies that have been missed and I’m sad to see we’re getting all recent movies yet again instead of going back to pick them up! I like new movies, but I’d also like to seem some old childhood favorites too.

      Besides Homeward Bound, a couple of my favorites that have been overlooked include: The Cat from Outer Space, Pollyanna, Swiss Family Robinson, That Darn Cat, and The Shaggy Dog (1959 not 2006 although that he hasn’t done either).

      • OMG YES TO POLLYANNA! One of my all-time favorites.

        Doug also forgot The Incredible Journey (1963), which was remade and retitled Homeward Bound. The remake is 100 times better than the original.

  5. I’m praying he actually likes the Good Dinosaur and Star Wars. And I wonder if this will be the last Disneycember as I don’t what else he’ll be able to cover.

    • He could always do the many nature documentaries and Disney Channel movies. Plus, every year they release new movies (Disney, Pixar, Marvel and right now Star Wars), so even if there isn’t anything he’d add, he’ll always have something to do

      • He didn’t bring up the Muppets, which is also a Disney property now. He’s talked about the Muppet Christmas Carol a couple of times and one of the songs from Muppet Treasure Island during a countdown a while back (during the “classic” era) but I haven’t seen him talk about any of the other Muppet films so that’s a possibility for future years as well.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        I extremely doubt he’s gonna do the disney channel original movies sinc those are just useless crap and they weren’t released in theaterz!!

    • Yeah, I’m kinda wondering if he’ll give The Good Dinosaur the benefit of the doubt for at least having a really good relationship between the two leads or if he’ll hate it for how by-the-books and predictable it is for a Pixar film.

  6. This is awesome! I really hoped yo guys would review the star wars movies eventually.

  7. Funny enough, Avengers came on the other day on tv again. Now I am not a huge super-hero fan, but I do respect what Marvel has done. I heard that the creators of the Marvel film universe were inspired by the comics in how they did the same thing. Next year there is a movie I am looking forward to because he’s the kind of character I enjoy watching, Doctor Strange.

  8. 2 years or 3 years ago when you reviewed 3D animated Disney movies, you missed one movie. You forgot Valiant. Can you please review it?

  9. Yeah, he’s never gonna do the DTV sequels.

  10. I love that new Disneycember logo! I look forward to this month every year for this! (and Christmas)

  11. Jonathan Gillispie

    Do a look at with The Clone Wars series and Rebels.

  12. Sweet! Do you think we could get a video about Disney’s Mighty Joe Young?

  13. I think that the first half of this movie is quite strong because it was adapted very closely from the first issue of the comics (See Linkara’s review ‘Tales of Suspense #39). It does feel that Obadiah was building up in the first half of the movie to be much more sneaky and sly in his opposition of Tony than simply ‘building a bigger, crunkier suit’. (Also, surely J.A.R.V.I.S. would be monitoring the factory production systems and would feed back info that the technology Tony was working on privately was being replicated?)

  14. flamethrower-guitar

    Yay! I always look forward to Disneycember, and seeing how Marvel and Star Wars are two of my favorite franchises, I have a feeling I’ll enjoy this one! I’ve also always been really curious about Doug’s thought on all of them, since aside from the newer Marvel movies he hasn’t talked about them much.

  15. Actually, the marvel cinematic universe began with the Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton). Tony Stark was in the after credits scene. Ironman often gets credited with it, but when we finally see Hul k again, he’s where Incredible Hulk left him, meaning it counts.

  16. I’m totally gonna have to be the prick-hole on this one, as good as this movie was I was in no way interested in this movie before it came out and even after it came out. I didn’t even see this in theatres either. I didn’t see this movie until after The Avengers came out. I just figured MCU was just going to be a shitty super hero franchise and they’ll all eventually run their course. The only reason I even saw this movie is because I wanted to see the Incredible Hulk in the Avengers movie. But then I figured I should see the other movies so that I can follow the Avengers movie okay.

    My current opinion of Ironman…it’s good, but I think Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite in the MCU. (and yes it even tops the Incredible Hulk movie.) Ironman gets an 8/10

  17. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    OH,this is gonna be real epic you covering all of the marvel movies (except i doubt the ones owned by 20th Century Fox) and star wars (which i think it’ll be cool to see your opinion on the force awakens before i go seeing it on Christmas day and all) plus all there original stuff (i really hope you do tommorowland since alot of people are mixed on that one). Good review too!!!

    This granted was one of the marvel movies i didnt see in theaters but i saw clips of and alot of good stuff about so maybe I’ll check this out one day(if i have the time and I’m interested but i doubt anytims soon i will).

  18. A crucial element to the cinematic Tony Stark’s decision to become a superhero is that he discovers his weaponry has been sold on the black market to the bad guys and one of his own deadly devices nearly kills him. He develops a deep sense of guilt and a need to take personal responsibility for the deaths of innocent people caused by his weapons having fallen into the hands of evil men.

  19. Could you please review the theatrical Pooh sequels (that is, “The Tigger Movie”, “Piglet’s Big Movie” and “Pooh’s Heffalump Movie”)?

  20. Sorry guys, but Iron Man is one of the most overrated movies ever. At least the series as a whole is. RDJ is a good actor, iron man is cool, Tony Stark is a huge douchebag! At the end of each movie it seems like he learns his lesson, but then he just goes back to being dumb old playboy Stark. And dont think i hate this just because its ‘superhero’ or ‘action’ hell, i saw this movie when i was 12 i wanted action but i hardly got that! The scene wherehe first put on the suit and was blowing up the terrorists, that was awesome! Did we get any more? No. He gets beat up by Jeff Bridges and pepper saves the day. I dont hate this movie, im just annoyed at how everyone thinks iron man and RDJ are flawless

    • ᵗʰᵉNight★Star

      “Tony Stark is a huge douchebag!”

      WOW. Congratulations. The point of the entire series of films and the character himself just flew right over your head like a 747 flying over an anthill.

      Seriously, you could not be more off-base if you tried to be or were intentionally trolling.

      I’m sorry, but how unbelievably thick-headded do you have to be to take the entire film and grind it down and water it down to the most ignorant, generalized, black-and-white, all-or-nothing, overly simplistic 4 word review like you think you understand even slightly what a flawed hero or a character study even remotely is?

      Let me guess…. You’re also one of those people who hates Lord Of The Rings because it’s about “walking to a volcano the whole time”, entirely dismisses The Dark Knight because “bats are dumb”, or thinks that “God Of War” and “Grand Theft Auto” are the worst game series ever becuase the main character “isn’t very nice.”

      I’m actually kind of surprised that you even know what the film is, since it kind of sounds like you only seem to only have patience for whatever your college campus safe space decides is ok to watch since it doesn’t have any bad words or mean people in it that might “trigger” you.

      A flawed and nuanced portrayal of a realistically, less than perfect character that has actual depth and much more redeeming factors or layers to the character than you’re even willing to slightly admit?? Forget that! Let’s watch a Joel Schumacher Batman movie like Batman & Robin for the millionth time, so we can see something as bland, banal and as free from any actual character study or actual effort as possible so we don’t have to think. That seems more like what you seem to be implying is what should make a good story with good characters.

      Seriously, it’s like you didn’t even watch Iron Man. In fact, i’m actually positive from your description and what you “seem” to have bafflingly gotten from the movie or the character that you actually didn’t. Or you went into it already dedicated to hating it before you sat down, watched 15 minutes, left halfway through and made up the rest to fill in the blanks.

      Your view of the movie and the character seems like what an intensely ignorant 8-year old with absolutely no concept of character subtlety, development or depth would get from the movie. “HURR HE’S TOO NOT NICE. HATE THE WHOLE MOVIE. OVERRATED. DEERP” Jesus H Christ On A Biscuit. If I had the choice between going to a movie night with you picking the film, I’d think i’d rather play Russian Roulette with a full chamber.

      • ᵗʰᵉNight★Star

        Also, you claim you “didn’t hate the movie”. That’s funny, you sure talk about it like you do. You literally say nothing positive about it, miss the entire point of it and Tony’s character on even the most basic level, condemn him entirely from a base judgement in half a sentence, and walk away from it acting like you can call it “overrated” based entirely on your own ignorance and complete dismissal of a character that is any less than 100% perfect from the get go.

        And on such a high horse too, as if it’s grounds enough to dismiss the entire film as overrated based on nuances and development you steadfastly refuse to acknowledge, notice in the slightest, or act like aren’t even there.

        If this is how you describe a “film you don’t hate”, i’d hate to see your glowing review of something you do.

      • First:
        Dude, calm down. You talk about Iron Man as if its the Godfather.

        Second: (after scrolling through childish insults and and something about me watching only nice movies in college. Where did that even come from?) I like flawed characters. I know a realistic portrayal is flawed and imperfect, and thats my problem with Stark! Hes to perfect! He’s rich, smart, handsome, gets all the girls and on top of that, becomes a friggin superhero! I know a likeable character has redeemable qualities, but What! What qualities! Funny how you didnt explain those qualities!

        And i didnt hate Tony Stark the entire movie, beginning to end. Started off as a jerk but didnt bother me too much at first because, like i said, a character can start off as an asshole, as long as they get likeable or at least understandable at the end. After that it was kind of up and down. Gets captured (interesting) comes back, (is weird again) builds a suit (which by the way takes up most of the damn movie and the sequels, but Stark is trying) fights villain, his girlfriend beats him rather than Stark overcoming it. At the end, Stark tells everyone hes Iron Man because it gets him more publicity and leads into the song.

        So yeah, that should not only tie up my thoughts about Tony, but the film too. They could have changed him in the sequels, but it seems like he never learns and just goes through the same thing never progressing. Which in fact is the same story as the sequels. The story for Iron Man 1 was so ‘brilliant’ that they used it for the other ones too!
        I do not watch Batman and Robin (except for comedy maybe) and i in fact did see The full movie of Iron Man, a couple times actually. Because it wasnt a big deal to me when i was 12, and still isnt that much. At that age i just wanted to see action and fighting, and i really didnt get much of that! And hence, i dont think an 8 year old is going to see Iron Man for character development.

        I think this movie is a decent pasttime for non moviegoers. Dougs review even made some new points. Maybe Tony was changed a little and was trying to do some good for once. I think the film was more intent on having him being ‘entertaining’ instead, but hey, maybe you saw something more in the character.

  21. What if Mickey Mouse guest stared in the avengers

  22. They supposedly chose Iron Monger for the villain because the filmmakers were knocking off of “Robocop 2″…the idea of a villain who dwarfs the protagonist. That might very well be the only time in history someone was inspired by “Robocop 2″…

  23. Okay I’m going to have to call bullshit on no one excited for the after credits scene. Maybe you didn’t but for any one who read Marvel comics in their life we absolutely lost our shit when that happened. Anyone that saw Iron Man that first week that was the bulk of what we were talking about.

  24. I am hoping that there’s a Disney Channel movie somewhere in here. I agree with practically everything that you said about the movie. I think that people don’t like the finale because we’ve gotten better finales since then.

  25. Please do the homeward bound movies. Thats my entire childhood

  26. I’m sure someone else in the comments has said it already, but Stan Lee has said, and I agree, that Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Tony Stark. He is practically Tony Stark incarnate. Their personalities, their histories, even their appearances are virtually the same. Honestly, I could believe all these things happening to RDJ in the same way they happened to Tony Stark and producing the same outcome (assuming you add the technical know-how to RDJ admittedly). Also, I both love and despise the Marvel after-credits scenes because they’re cool and a really interesting phenomenon, but they’ve made me paranoid at the end of every movie, even non-Marvel ones lol. I’m afraid to leave the theater early, which I guess isn’t really a bad thing since it kinda enforces the credits better and those people certainly deserve their credit, but I do kinda chuckle at myself for waiting until the screen’s been dark for a good 30 seconds before getting up and that’s their fault lol.

  27. looking forward to your thoughts on The Hulk movie with Ed Norton. It has issues but I don’t think that gets anywhere near the love it deserves.

  28. This is not a Disney movie. It was released in the United States on May 2, 2008 by Marvel Studios as a sole Marvel production. Disney purchased Marvel Entertainment on December 31, 2009 (for 4 billion).

    The success of this movie likely was a contributing factor behind Disney’s decision to acquire Marvel Entertainment and secure the Marvel properties.

  29. I wonder if Doug will include the Studio Ghibli films My Neighbors the Yamadas and When Marnie Was There as part of his overlooked/forgotten “Disney” films, as he forgot the former title last last year (and again when he did his Popular by Demand entry a couple of months later) despite it actually being distributed by Disney (unlike some of the Studio Ghibli films he did remember include) and the latter title had not had a wide release and come out on Blu-ray/DVD then (which it has now).

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