Iron Man: The Animated Series 1×13 – The Wedding of Iron Man – AT4W

Some weddings are best short… and in this case, it’s less than 5 minutes of screen time.

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  1. Yeah, you could tell this was a cartoon time capsuled in the 90s with its jokes and references, its almost beautiful in a way……

  2. At least there was more wedding in ‘The Wedding of Iron Man’ than courtroom scenes in ‘The Trial of the Incredible Hulk’.

  3. Having been married in SoCal I say that the wedding location was actually very realistic. I got married in a church right on the coast and my reception was right over the water in a historic library. Just saying. 😉

  4. You referenced “Rick And Morty”. I was JUST thinking about that! Century reminds me of Snowflame. They probably are in the same Universe. I haven’t heard of this Iron Man show either. I knew you’d mention the X-Men cartoon sooner or later.

  5. Devil's Advocate

    according to the Marvel Comics Database witch is a wiki but has a policy of fallowing the Official Marvel handbook, the Iron Man, Fantastic Four and Hulk cartoon from the 90s took place in Earth-534834 and the X-Men and Spider-Man cartoon from the 90s took place in Earth- 92131. so, the Iron Man and Fantastic Four that appeared in Spider-Man TAS were not the same ones who stared in their own shows.

    • Sorry no, a wiki is not an actual source. Plus the fact that they took the time to make sure each of the characters who appeared in Spider-Man TAS had the same voice actors and such indicates they ARE the same characters.

      • Devil's Advocate

        again, they fallow what is said in the official guidbook. and wikis do have sources they link too.

        • You can edit a wiki to say anything. Ergo, whatever the wiki happens to say on the matter is irrelevant.

          • Devil's Advocate

            you get in trouble for going against a wiki’s policy, so I’m not so sure.

          • I’m sure. Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

          • Devil's Advocate

            again, it wikis do link to other sources.

            and the Fantastic Four that appeared in Spider-Man did not have the same voice actors as in their own show.

          • DCAU voice actors reprise their roles in non-DCAU things all the time.

          • And when DCAU characters crossed over with DCAU shows, they weren’t considered different characters were they? My point is all these shows were produced by the same company so logically when they crossed over, the characters were in fact the same characters.

          • Devil's Advocate

            did you read the part where I said the Fantastic Four in Spider-Man were NOT voiced by the same people as in the Fantastic Four cartoon?

          • DC Animated Universe also did some recasting every now and then.

        • Those guidebooks our getting less and less reliable, still more strait forward than DC though.

  6. I actually do remember the Iron Man, Fantastic Four, and Silver Surfer cartoons of the 90s. Iron Man was the one I remember the most (second season, thankfully), and I actually didn’t like the Silver Surfer cartoon that much because of his more peaceful approach and the serial nature of the show. I remember seeing so much of War Machine at first, I thought HE was Iron Man and Tony Stark was just his partner!
    Strangely enough, I don’t think I saw the Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons back in the day! I might have seen a bit of the X-Men cartoon, but that might just be me remembering other 90s cartoons including the other Marvel ones.

  7. Hawk Eye (Clint) looks almost exactly like Peter Parker from the 90s Spiderman cartoon, right down to the seafoam green collared t-shirt. And Rhody looks like a pallet-swapped Xanatos from Gargoyles.

  8. Does that mean Tony did make a robot to tie the tie?

  9. I was first introduced to Iron Man thanks to the animated series in the 90’s. It was part of the Marvel Action Hour, which included the 90’s Fantastic Four series and introductions from Stan “The Man” Lee himself.

    8:55- Goddammit, TMZ, can’t you leave well enough along?

    11:07- Dude, you’re making it sound like “Go, Go, Power Rangers” is based on a real life team of superheroes.

    No mentioning on how revealing The Scarlet Witch’s outfit is?

    I loved it last year when Marvel made MODOK look like Fake-President Trump. That really made my day.

    12:59- And you still have yet to review Avengers #239, which I know will be better than that nightmare known as Avengers #200.

    17:08- Thankfully, the Mark V armor from Iron Man 2 gave the case mode the same red/silver color design.

    With the Tony at the wedding turning out to be an LMD (Life Model Decoy), I expected this to turn into the current season of Agents of SHIELD.

  10. The Real Silverstar

    Rhodey was voiced by Dorian Harewood, a.k.a. the token black guy in every 90’s action cartoon. He was Jax in Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm and Falcon in Avengers: United They Stand, to name only 2.

    • Weirdly enough, Harewood only voiced him from episode six onwards. For the first five episodes, he was voiced by James Avery, aka Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince and Shredder from the original TMNT cartoon.

  11. I didn’t know that there was an animated Iron Man series. O.O Also, 14:00-14:08 was hilarious. Lastly, this series had more pop culture references than I thought it would.

  12. And now, ladies and gentlemen, the Flying Dracula Hare…
    Brings you a story of a man, taken against his will, and forced…

  13. Fin Fang Doom? Did Fin Fang Foom and Doctor Doom merge into a single entity?

  14. I think the main reason MODOK hasn’t appeared in the MCU is that despite whatever merits and notoriety he might have as a character, in the nearly 50 years since he first appeared in comics /nobody/ has been able to figure out a way to make him not look completely ridiculous without redesigning him to the point that he’s totally unrecognizable.

  15. Also: Who the hell is Hypnocia?

  16. 2:04 Does this mean you’re going to “review” the entire history of every Spider-Woman, from Jessica to Julia to Maddie and beyond?

  17. Is it just me, or does this version of Hawkeye look EXACTLY like a young-ish Ted McGinley?

  18. Aww now I want 90’s Kid back

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