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Jun is here to open up a can on you… a can of “WTF?!”

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  1. Well that was interesting in weird way. Once it was revealed that Jun’s mother was possessed by Jun’s grandmother I thought Rewrite were leader of Gaia is always woman possessed by dead person wanting to destroy humanity.

  2. Having a little issue there wuss? : ) This was a fun anime to watch, so I thank you for the review.
    I would think there is a big difference between learning how to fight and learning about the world. So she could take care of herself in one way, and never learned the other.

  3. for some reason I’m stuck on the logistics of how to cook an ENTIRE whale whole. I mean, it takes hours to cook a 19 pound turkey, a whale weighs…what, like 300,000 pounds? Is it even physically possible to cook the inside without burning the outside, or hell, even getting the inside cooked before it has a chance to rot considering how long the process must take…

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