Is Belmod the Villain of This Arc? – A Dragon Ball Discussion


Belmod has been a bone of contention in Dragon Ball Super. What is he? A good guy or a villain of the arc right under our noses? Today we discuss his relationship with Jiren, what the manga has tought us about him and how Belmod is using the strongest mortal alive to his own ends.

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  1. As much as I like the idea of an evil clown villain in dragon ball, it might be a bit too obvious, evil looking clown is evil, gotcha. I still feel the grand priest has his own sinister machinations which have yet to be revealed. Also there’s Frieza who’s been laying low the past couple episodes. He’s definitely going to try something before all is said and done. Actually I’m kind of hoping Goku or one of the other universe 7 fighters takes him out, would be an interesting twist.

  2. Masako; the reason I come to channelawesome

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