Is Dragonball Super Better Than Dragonball GT? – A Dragonball Discussion

Dragonball Super has reached the same number of episodes as Dragonball GT – has it made more of an impact in that timeframe? Let’s discuss what makes Super a welcome alternative to the Grand Tour!

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  1. Now, what sort of stupid title is that?

    With all the shit that people give GT, the obvious answer on everyone’s mind is “Yes”.

    Personally, I dislike Super. Aside from the less-than-stellar animation style compared to DB/Z/GT, I find the (new) character designs… like the “King of Everything”… to look utterly deplorable, and as you so wonderfully put it, the bad guys in GT start to pale in power compared to Goku, meaning that Toriyama has no way to write compelling side characters… Oh look, there’s DB Super, where the only two worthwhile characters are Goku and Vegeta with their stupid blue hair! ¬_¬

    At least GT’s SS4 form had some kind of progression to the look of it.

    Btw, on a side note and regarding poor character design/continuity… can someone explain to me why Pilaf, Shu, and Mai are children in Super please? They’re all adults in DB, and I don’t remember anything meaningful happening to them in DBZ (do they even make an appearance in it?)… so why did they become kids for something that’s supposed to happen, timeline wise, around one and a half to two decades after the end of Dragon Ball?

    Yes, GT had quite a bit of silliness at the beginning, but at least it gave a legitimate end to the series, offering a resolution for the main character (Goku), and even offering the chance of continuation with Grandma Pan and Goku/Vegeta’s great grandchildren.
    What does Super do? Just keeps making the main two characters stronger and stronger. It’s getting ridiculous now!

    Don’t get me wrong… To each their own, and I get that the producers (particularly Toriyama) don’t wish to see it as canon, but in my opinion, GT was just far superior. It felt like it was made more for the current audience, in the sense that it was growing up WITH us, not trying to stay with the same old schtick of being light-hearted and silly… once you get past the Black-Star Dragon Balls/”universe search” part of the series…
    You call it bland and boring and whatnot, but I see it as a series trying to move with its audience’s age, rather than always pander to the children who might start to watch it later on.

    Going back to the animation style. You say that Super “won’t be able to copy the style of Z/GT” because the tools are different. That may be true, to an extent, in that you have different artists and different forms art creation tools (ie, using a computer for digital artwork, rather than paper and coloured inks)… but I can assure you that they could VASTLY improve the art style, even if they return it to hand-drawn (via computer) style of animation. There are THOUSANDS of very capable artists out there who would be able to do a fantastic job of it.
    Like you say though. the problem is that it would cost more to do it by hand or to hire in more capable artists, so Toei settle for lackluster animation instead. (not that I’m saying those who work for are incapable. Moreso that the art direction needs more work put into it)

    Overall, whether it’s classed as canon or not, I personally choose to see GT as how the series continues, and the Dragon Ball anime ends.

    To end on a nice thought rather than feel like I’m arguing, I like to see GT as being one of these alternate universes that Super delves into. I mean, it IS the Multiverse (Goku Black proves that, being the Goku from universe 10).
    It kinda cuts down the number of unknown stuff that could be explored a little bit, but that might make an interesting crossover one day… Goku from the Super universe meeting up and having to fight Syn/Omega Shenron in the GT…

    • I’m fine with it not matching Z and GT’s art style. It just has to meet a certain level of competence, and well… it doesn’t. ESPECIALLY early on. GT was far, FAR superior. People just whine because it wasn’t the original creator’s idea, so because he hates it, they hate it. Definition of sheep.

  2. It’s been years since I watched GT and I think Super is better, but not by much. What killed GT for me was DB and Z felt like martial arts stories and GT felt like a sci fi show with some of DB and Z’s battles.

    Super is kind of in between as they focus more on universes and gods so it doesn’t feel too much like Z.

    Overall, I feel that Super is kinda what GT should have been, but still doesn’t capture the simplicity that I loved from DB and Z.

    • So the planet Namek wasn’t sic fi? Everything to do with Frieza? The species of the main character and all the alien tech used throughout was based in fantasy? Good to know lasers are in fact a fantasy trope. I’ll look for them next time I watch LOTR.

  3. I wonder if there’s a rule63 universe

  4. All it takes is one good villain to beat GT.

  5. No I want the pilaf gang to die horrible.

  6. I never liked half of Dragon Ball, but to be fair Super only have pilaf gang, Goku more stupid and lame Bulma Joke. GT had Goku be a kid again, going on old stupid adventure that made me want to punch someone or occasionally laugh.

  7. Black arc>Baby>Shadow Dragon>Universe Tournament>Super 17>Space Adventure>>>>>Battle of God and RoF Super

  8. GT had Bit By Bit as the english intro, my point stands.

  9. Favorite things about Super: Trunks is a no nonsense character; he kills Babidi before he gets a chance to release Buu. Goku doesn’t know what a kiss is, which confirms that Goku doesn’t care about his family. Vegeta begins to live up to his role as royalty by caring for his family – his lineage.
    Favorite thing about GT: Krillin’s death. Not that I was happy to see him go, but 18’s reaction get’s me right in the feels.

  10. No it’s not. Super sucks. Maybe if they put some effort into the animation, or wrote a joke that actually made me laugh like GT did, or had a transformation that wasn’t the very definition of lazy (blue is not a transformation. You got away with yellow because that was you starting this whole thing.), or maybe I didn’t have a bear as one of you villains, then MAYBE.

  11. Super certainly has it problems, namely Goku being dumber than a bag of hammers, but i still enjoy it for the most part. It has those epic moments that remind me of why I got into DB on the first place, and of course the whimsical sense of humour. Never really did get into GT all that much. I just couldn’t get past the whole kid Goku thing, it really felt like a step backwards.

  12. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    Better than GT, yes. Did Super come out way too late, yes.

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