Is Goofy Secretly Badass?

We all know him as a screw up, but is Goofy actually one of the greatest comedians ever? Nostalgia Critic exposes the truth! Is Goofy Secretly Badass?

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  1. Gawrsh! First!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Next week in gonna trip you and your gonna go like “ye-hu-hu-oohhh” right 😉 2nd

    • Excellent editorial, Doug and I grew up with many of the cartoons you showed here with excercise Goofy and Evil Road Rage Goofy as my favorites.

      Goofy was incredibly toned down over the years, especially around the time Goof Troop came out although those spawned the 2 excellent Goofy Movies.

      Like everyone has said here, Goofy returns to badassdom in Kingdom Hearts and he’s a force to be reckoned with.


    • Well the Italians gave him a super hero persona in their comics. Supper Goofy, he ate peanuts to gain inverted underwear and a cape.

  2. considering how n KH yeah he is a bad ass

  3. I LOVED the old Goofy cartoons growing up. My favorites were the ones using a narrator over the cartoon itself. Like the one where Goofy was doing aerobic exercises, using weights, and working out. Absolute classic slapstick.

  4. Kids, watch Goofy, a FAMILY cartoon!

  5. Nah, to me, Goofy is still just a silly character, but that’s OK, because I like silly! Goofy’s “everyman” stage in the history of his character where he’s called “Geef” is my least favorite stage of him because he’s just not… Goofy. Neither in name nor the way he acts. I get that when you break it down, the premise of Goof Troop is mediocre compared to other Disney Afternoon cartoons, but to me, it holds up because Goofy is still plain old Goofy in in.

    • Ditto. You can pretty much consider George Geef an entirely separate character from Goofy. Just like you can consider Pie-eyed Mischievous Mickey separate from the human-eyed Goody-Two-Shoes Mickey. Donald is really the only classic Disney shorts persona that has a consistent character across pretty much all media, except maybe the lazy philosopher from the Rosa/Bank Duckberg comics.

    • This. Doug Walker doesn’t value the integrity of a character.

    • Yeah, to me Goofy will always be the embarrassing dad in the Disney family.

  6. I remember these cartoons., and I look at them now and i’m like damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.,,.

  7. What a dumb quarterback.

  8. Well least in Kingdom Hearts his rather badass.

  9. Vessel continues to not buffer well.

  10. I’ve seen most of these cartoons. Looking back, they probably are the funniest Disney cartoons. Then again, Donald Duck was more well known for being angry, which you do mention. I always envisioned Goofy as best when it comes to slapstick. I even saw that driving cartoon in an actual driving class. I wasn’t even sure if that WAS Goofy!

  11. AutoInfanticide

    Doug thinks a martini=scotch XD lel

  12. Oh yeah, Goofy was awesome (though I don’t remember them ever airing the smoking cartoon on tv when I was a kid, I know for a fact that they never would now). I really hope they re-release the Walt Disney Treasures set with all of his shorts. In fact, I’d love to see ALL the Walt Disney Treasures DVDs re-released! Classic episodes of the Mickey Mouse Club, Zorro, Davy Crocket, Disneyland, and all the cartoons from Disney’s Golden Age? Bring ’em on!

  13. Good Editorial.
    And Yes! He included the sports ones, and noted their commentary. Excellent.

    However one error I must point out, the reason why there were so many Goofys wasn’t because they were popular, but the man who originally voiced Goofy left Disney over arguments with money. And since they couldn’t find a replacement, they just made everyone Goofy and gave them normal names.

  14. I loved the goofy shorts as a kid. Next to Donald he is my favorite. I’m not sure why I liked them so much.

    • To be clear I was never really a fan of Micky or Minnie cartoons. For some reason I found Donald and Goofy’s cartoon more fun when they were suffering and slap sticky.

  15. My family rented The Complete Goofy any chance we got. They were always hilarious. I think we still watch How to Play Football every Super Bowl.

    Goofy was awesome and a comedy badass and it’s a shame we’re not gonna see him like that again.

  16. His role in Kingdom Hearts shoulda been a clue. XD

  17. Bro Bro. Doug I must correct you technically some of these Goofy cartoons were he’s the everyman he isn’t technically goofy. Hes an alter ego George Goofman or something. Particularly the cartoon the Cold War. So technically he is Goofy but @ the same time not the same character. Nevertheless good editorial my man.

  18. I honestly don’t get why Doug thinks that Disney Cartoons are not for adults. Which one did he watch? Micky Mouse Works? The Classic Cartoons are all about taking a daily situation and exaggerating it, which has always been my favourite kind of humour (while the Looney Tunes with their “X hunts Y” stories rarely did anything for me).

    I guess this boils down to “Doug likes Slapstick” especially the more violent, so it is no surprise that he likes Goofy. But he is hardly the only Disney Character who ever became part of an adult joke. It just happened more frequently with him, because they did this whole series with him as the everyman. The one about him being a beast driving is practically a public service announcement. There are so many with them playing some sort of sport that they actually made a movie out of them.

  19. Hey, Roger Rabbit called it back in the late 80s. 😛

  20. u should do musical march, and review musicals like pitch perfect/pitch perfect 2

  21. How else is Goofy a badass?

    Because out of all the classic Disney characters, he’s the only one who has actually had sex.

    Think about that.

  22. Once again, the mobile service of Channel Awesome sucks shit. I think I’m just going to wait until these videos hit YouTube from now on.

  23. O.O Goofy… you’re breaking my heart! You’re going down a path I cannot follow!

  24. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Hello.follow up to come and no I’m not posting cause I just wanna be on the front page

  25. TragicGuineaPig


  26. I like Goofy a lot. I had no idea how adult these Goofy cartoons are. OK, not super adult, but yea. You surprised me.

  27. Yeah, the Goofy shorts were always my favorite. Way to give a classic character his due. What timing! What finesse! What a genius!

  28. of course he’s a badass, he regularly fights Heartless and Nobodies in Kingdom Hearts (and weirdly he is the smartest of the main characters……figure that one out.)

  29. Always loved Goofy in these “Everyman” episodes. 🙂 I understood even as a kid that this wasn’t “Goofy” but he was incredibly funny (and the sounds and yells!). Hunting, fishing, golfing, skiing, football, smoking, eating, driving….oh my god. And yes, a lot of the jokes I didn’t get until I was older.

    Glad to know about that collection…that’s the only Disney cartoon collection I could seriously want. 🙂

  30. Yeah, it was so secret Disney played those cartoons ad nauseum on Family Channel, up here in Canada, put the shorts into specials, and released the classic cartoons on home video.

    “No kid..”? “Shocking” ? It’s odd to talk about kids not getting jokes or references with material that is not really all that adult and is utterly accessible. As a kid, I totally got the joke where the deliverymen kissed Goofy and I can’t think of a kid who would be stumped by that.

    Gushing time- OMG, I loved those shorts as a kid; They were so hilarious!!!!!!! The writing, the timing and the acting were perfect; They’re great just to sit down & watch and they stand up under scrutiny: It’s the definition of cartoon perfection.

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