Is Kaioken the Best Transformation?: A Dragonball Discussion – MasakoX

Super Saiyan may be much stronger, but is Kaioken the BEST transformation in Dragonball? Does it have something that the furious golden form doesn’t? Sit down with me and let’s discuss what makes Kaioken so special.

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  1. I love the Kaio Ken, especially in the Saiyan and Frieza arcs and always wondered why Goku stopped using it after he went Super Saiyan. From what I read, it would have made Goku explode.

    Really nice Goku was able to use it against Hit along with SSJ Blue during the tournament arc. Nice to know the technique isn’t gone and forgotten.

  2. Huuuuh… so because it’s part of a filler arc it’s not canon? I beg to differ… if that’s the case Mangas are even more convoluted than american comicbooks… 😮

  3. Sorry, but I can contradict what you say about Super Saiyan Kaioken even with my limited knowledge (and nothing from Super.)

    Goku achieved a point where they could just rest at Super Saiyan. Anger is not an issue. They don’t think differently than when they are not Super Saiyan.

    So there’s no reason that this should prevent them from pulling out Kaioken. The main reason not to now is that they can use Super Sayan 2 for a safer power boost. Heck, It seems SSJ3 is safer.

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