Is Nightmare Before Christmas Really That Great?

Everybody praises it around Halloween time, but more and more people don’t get why. Is Nightmare Before Christmas really as good as they say?

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  1. I love this movie, but has anyone ever noticed the MASSIVE plot hole involving Santa’s abduction? Lock Shock and Barrel are sent of to get Santa and come back with the Easter Bunny in 1, maybe 2 hours tops. But when they are sent back to return the bunny and get Santa they don’t grab him til Christmas Eve! Where the heck did they go for 35 days?

  2. It feels dragged out.

  3. The intro is A-W-E-S-O-M-E

  4. First of all, trying to watch a video on this website is soooo annoying as it constantly stops to buffer every every other second. I’m here to listen, laugh, and even learn some things at NC’s reviews and editorials. But how can I do that when this keeps happening? Heck! As I’m tying this very comment, I’m getting slowdown and have to wait a few seconds to see what’s escaping my fingers? It happens whetever I used a laptop/computer like my personal laptop, my stepmom’s home computer, a computer at school; I’ve had it! If you want my comments, you’ll have to find it when it gets uploaded to Youtube. Still, while I’m here, I’ll leave one last channel awesome post:

    Anyway, so let’s recap the past Nostalgia-ween intros:
    2010: Linus and Lucy getting attacked by a chainsaw maniac
    2011: X-Files parody (correct me if I’m wrong)
    2012: None. Critic was “retired”
    2013: Nightmare Before Christmas parody with Pennywise shooting Jack
    2014: Nostalgia Critic being stabbed by JonTron for reviewing FoodFight!
    2015: Goosebumps 2015 movie parody? with clips from past videos

    and now 2016: Gravity Falls parody!

    Bottom Line: I’m sure to enjoy the videos NC’s going to release this month, but NOT on the Channel Awesome website anymore! Nothing against the hard work of the people behind the scenes, but the video player just plain sucks for me! Has anyone been having this problem? Reply if you have.

    Next week and beyond: I’ll comment on NC’s videos via Youtube. Take care!

  5. I really enjoyed the movie personally.

  6. What the hell did they say when the logo popped up?

  7. I feel like this movie is the kind of thing that grows on you. When I first saw it, I was very underwhelmed, and I didn’t really understand what the big deal was. But every time I watched it after that, I liked it more and more, and now it’s one of my favorite holiday films. Most of the people I’ve talked to about it or showed it to have been the same way.

    I don’t really know why this is … I do think part of it is what Doug says in this video, but I think there might be more to it than that. I don’t know.

  8. I predict the answer is “Yes, but I know most people assume the answer to a question in a title is ‘no’, so I put it that way to get more clicks.”

  9. Even though I’m not the biggest Gravity Falls fan and I daresay it’s slightly overrated…that new opening for Nostalgiaween was AWESOME. Nice parody/spoof of the admittedly amazing opening theme of Gravity Falls. Nice work guys! Oh, and Nightmare Before Christmas is a solid film; slightly overrated, but still solid. Personally, Hocus Pocus is one of my favorite movies ever, and people think it’s a bad movie, so we all love different things!

  10. I don’t even celebrate Halloween but when I tried to see this movie, I was disappointed in the first half an hour so I turned away. However, I’m glad that it started the whole stop motion thing.

  11. lilith_ascennding

    Eee! Gravity Falls Opening <3. Great job! Though I was sad that there was no Bill Cipher (or some equivalent) flashed at the end of the intro. Eh, it's still awesome 😀

  12. So now that we know what the stephen king review for this year is, what should it be next year?

  13. I wasn’t aware a lot of people apparently think this film is overrated, I was always under the impression it’s considered a universally beloved classic. Then again I am a hermit.

    • You’d be hard-pressed to find anything super popular without a number of people classifying it as overrated. (Except for the Avatar series. For some reason, that still hasn’t fallen under the ‘it’s popular, therefor it’s crap’ category yet)

  14. Nightmare Before Christmas is FUCKING BRILLIANT., Tim Burton at his greatest., even though it was Henry Selick who directed the movie., Tim came up with the original idea., an amazing work of art., and my personal favorite Tim Burton movie., second to this masterpiece is The Beetlejuice Cartoon another classic.,,.

  15. Stephen King and the NC. I wait all year for this. Happy Nostalgiaween!

  16. hello NC. for nostalgiaween this month can you review the halloween anime movie kakurenbo?

    • This year’s Nostalgiaween movie schedule is already in the can. It’s too late to make any changes to it. Maybe next year, but I’m guessing that most people don’t know what Kakurenbo is. Heck, *I’ve* never heard of it until I looked it up on Wikipedia this morning. The reaction from most people wouldn’t be “Awesome! NC’s going to review Kakurenbo!”, But rather, it would be “What’s Kaurenbo?”

      Anyway, Kakurenbo is a short film, not a movie, so I’ll doubt that Doug (assuming that he’s even seen it) would devote an entire NC episode to it. There’s a difference between being nostalgic and being esoteric.

      Perhaps you could review Kaurenbo yourself instead of asking someone else to do it. You clearly have feelings for the film and surely you have some opinions on it.

      • Yeah, if he ever did cover a short film, it would likely be in a top 11 entry of some kind. Not sure where it would fit, but that’s the only way I could see him talking about it. (You know, like how the only way he would ever talk about The Little Match Girl was by putting it on a top 12 Christmas classics list)

  17. Prior to watching the video: my answer is no. A Nightmare Before Christmas is a very pretty movie with not much else going for it. Now let’s see if you can change my mind.

  18. I must say, I’m one of those ones that are a bit in the “huh?” category. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this movie, I love the characters, I love the world, I love the music – but I’m not sure I really get it. Are we meant to be cheering for a guy who wants to literally steal Christmas and leaves dangerous scary toys and has vampires who “drain blood” but “aren’t mean”? And then in the last ten minutes it suddenly becomes this action movie slash romance somehow?

    I like the movie, but I’m not quite sure why, and I can’t really explain it. I welcome anyone else’s thoughts.

  19. I couldn’t get through the opening song (EJECT)

  20. XD Yes I did! I’m sorry I had to read the audio backwards, blame GameGrumps for that shit!

  21. Ok, that intro was amazing dude! xD

  22. I mean obviously the answer is yes, but I suppose I can still watch what you have to say about it.

  23. Oh how I wish he’d use a different platform than Vessel. Such a shitty player.

    • Vessel’s player is fine. It plays badly on this site because of all the ads and things that are playing simultaneously in the background. If you watch the NC videos on, they play just fine.

  24. What’s up with this whimsical music again? These melodys that the NC often plays in his editorials, always bother me, because it sounds like he forcefully tryes to sound meaningful and deep.

    I think the phenomenon of nightmare before christmas has more to do with the iconic design of the characters and it’s world. The movie is mostly remembered for that, almost no one remebers the story. Some goth kids picked this movie because of it’s style and made it a cult hit phenomenon.
    It didn’t start that way, but it’s succes was mostly because people liked it’s style over it’s substance. That’s also the reason why it’s so damn good marketable.

  25. ilovethings andstuff

    of course this is a great film.. anyone that says other wise doesn’t like good films… i’ve never heard of anyone not liking this film

  26. Doug love your work and this video is very good but just a little correction if you don’t mind me saying. The Disney attraction that does Nightmare Before Christmas is only at Disneyland in California. Walt Disney World in Florida for whatever reason doesn’t yet or ever will. But it’s ok as a common mistake as so many people confuse what Disneyland has over Walt Disney World.

  27. I know for me and for a lot of others The nightmare before christmas was a lot of children’s first look into a dark, gothic, style. (Unless of course you were one of those kids who’s parents were totally fine with watching scary movies) Yes there were movies and shows at the time that could have dark moments but there wasn’t really any film I knew of at the time that had that style all the way through, (at least for young kids) and whose entire world was just drenched in gothic atmosphere. Even if your not a goth, I think everyone holds a little appreciation for that style, even if they only show that love during the month of October.

  28. Someone show alex hirsch this opening!

  29. Oh my gosh Doug, that intro. Giving you that Gravity Falls DVD at MomoCon a few years ago continues to be one of the greatest decisions I ever made. Though you should’ve had me cameo as Bill Cipher at the end, just saying~ 😉
    Even better that it opens up an editorial on one of my all-time favorite movies! I first saw TNBC when I was 10 years old in 2002, around the time it really started gaining cult popularity, though it’d still be a few more years before the merchandise would become a staple of the October-December season and not just a staple of goth culture and Hot Topic. And I love it for all the reasons you mentioned – its simple and timeless, like a fairy tale or a bedtime story, so it’s always going to be relevant as long as Halloween and Christmas exist. It’s also unique and iconic with a style that’s 100% its own. Like you said, any frame from the film is instantly identifiable as TNBC.
    Though what’s extremely fascinating (to me anyway) is how this movie is, hands down, the most important and influential film in mainstream stop-motion animation history. It was so popular it allowed for the immensely successful launch of LAIKA Studios, whose first film (Coraline) had the same director, and this was nearly 15 years after TNBC’s original release. Even their first couple of films tried to capture that TNBC-esque creepiness in order to reel in the same audience, though thankfully they’re finally starting to be able to move away from that and branch out into other styles. While Kubo and the Two Strings (their most recent film) still has a little bit of those spooky elements, it’s definitely the farthest film they’ve made from the Selick/Burton style so far. Modern stop-mo feature animation wouldn’t exist without TNBC, and that’s kind of mind-blowing.

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