Is Pan a Legendary Super Saiyan? – A Dragonball Discussion

Dragon Ball Super has brought Pan to life in a whole new way, could she be the Legendary Super Saiyan? Is Broly a has-been? Well, Super has done a lot to imply that her power has the potential to be maximum or at least close to it. Let’s discuss how she and Broly have a lot in common as babies in terms of power.

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  1. all I know is Pan’s hairstyle makes no sense

  2. By all technicality, Pan has already turned Super Saiyan. During the Battle of Gods, Pan’s Saiyan power was able to turn Videl, a pure human, into a Super Saiyan. I think this implies that Pan herself was a Super Saiyan. So in a way, Pan was born already having unlocked her full Super Saiyan power. She’s clearly very intelligent, having understood how to fly on her own, something even Goten had to be taught how to do. For someone who isn’t even a year old to be able to fly and having already unlocked Super Saiyan, I think it’s only a matter of time until she becomes a very useful character.

    • Pan probably learned to fly from her mother Videl. Chi-Chi never learned to fly and that is probably why Goten also didn’t know how to fly!

      • There’s been no scene that Videl ever taught Pan how to fly. In fact, it was Pan simply watching others flying and playing with Goku that drove her to figure out how to fly herself. Goten was around people flying for years and even knew far more advanced Ki techniques before he could fly, and he never was able to figure it out himself.

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