Is This the Best Batman Movie?

People love Dark Knight and Batman 89, but has the best Batman movie slipped under our radar? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

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  1. I only caught the Animated Series a couple of times when I was a kid, but when I pictured Batman or the Joker in my head, that’s always what they sounded like (they didn’t always look like that though, but sometimes they did). And honestly, I think some of the actors involved in the live action films agreed with me, since Nolanverse Batman’s scary voice seemed an awful lot like it was a failed attempt at imitating Animated Batman’s voice.

  2. If you count the Batman movies that never got a proper theatrical release, it’s animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, hands down.

  3. This video is everything I wish my MotP review was. Serious NC is Best NC.

  4. While a good movie, there lot of flaw for me to say is the best Batman movie. TDK is my favorite movie.

  5. The mystery was terrible. The phantasm mystery was literally seen a mile away. Is like the scooby-doo 2 movie, the villain is obivous once you see it and the plot is generic, but again a well executed movie, but personally the mystery was the weakest aspect of the movie.

  6. Granted Joker is the only reason I really love the movie, even though is not perfect.

    Also my favorite Batman is
    Ben Affleck
    Animated batman
    Bale Batman
    Keaton Batman
    Who cares.

    Heath Ledger
    Animated Joker
    Jack Nicholson
    Who cares.

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