Is This the Fascinating Toriyama Interview? – A Dragonball Discussion

Is this the most fascinating Toriyama interview? Akira Toriyama is very much a recluse but in this interview he did for WIRED Japan, he was his most relaxed and provided interesting reading. Let’s discuss why this interview is one of the most important documentations of Toriyama’s personality and opinions.

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  1. I agree with Toriyama, Dragon Ball shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I’m fine with in depth analysis of the characters and elements of the series, but when fans start arguing, and insulting each other over trivial matters, like who’s stronger than who, etc. that’s when you have to take a step back and realize it really is just entertainment.
    Regarding Toriyama’s true intentions for Goku’s character, I think it’s interesting making a Goku a more nuanced, flawed character, but I really haven’t liked his portrayal for the most part on Super. He just comes across as a complete numbskull. Honestly, I prefer the more pure hearted, supermanesque portrayal from the english dub. And that’s fine because much like viewing a painting, it’s open to interpretation. It will speak to everyone in a different way, regardless of the artist’s initial intent.

  2. I’ve always believed Goku to be a hero of circumstance.

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