Some Jerk With A Camera: It’s A Small World Holiday: PART ONE (with new intro)

They said it couldn’t, wouldn’t and shouldn’t be done, but damned if that’s ever stopped Some Jerk With A Camera before. In part one of his three-part season one finale, Jerk finally swallows his pride, casts his doubts into denial, and plunges headfirst into the holiday overlay of “It’s A Small World,” unquestionably the single most psychotically annoying ride ever devised by man or beast, and lives to tell the tale…ALL WITHOUT PLAYING EVEN A SECOND OF THE TITULAR SONG! Join him if you dare! Happy holidays!

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Join Some Jerk With A Camera on location at Disneyland, California (and occasionally other theme parks!) for a series of whacked-out, irreverently irrelevant digress-alicious trips through some of the best and worst attractions and paraphernalia theme parks have to offer!

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Hey Jerk! Just thought I would drop in to say my father in law is Ricahrd M. Sherman of the Sherman Brothers, the guys that wrote the Small World song. And he himself has told me for years, that for that one song alone, people wanna either kiss him or kill him.

Crossover Princess
I honestly don’t know how to feel about Small World… It’s a song that will reappear at bad times and won’t leave unless I mange to get another song stuck in my head… But on one hand it’s fun to sing the Duff Beer Song on The Simpsons while riding it… In fact I’ve been on a bit of Disney Streak, for the past two years (and this year) I went to Disney Parks, I rode Holiday in 2012, I rode the Japanese one last year and I rode the original this year… and all three times me and my… Read more »
Moon Spirit

Ah yes, THE review that made me fall in love with you Jerk, in a non homo way.

Charles McFarlin
You know, the only time I actually got any enjoyment out of this song was when I heard a remix of it in Epic Mickey when you fight a possessed version of the ride. It was so creepy and awesome that it made me smile. As for the ride itself, while my childhood still has some small attachment to it I have really come to find the ride both boring and kind of bland, since they boil down multiple diverse cultures into the most basic stereotypes to get across a message of word piece that feels just as artificial as… Read more »
Small World was my favorite ride as a child, and it still holds a special place in my heart. The song may be annoying, but it’s very sweet. It’s a prayer for peace, and had it remained as it’s original slow-paced version, I think people would think of it differently than how they do. For me, I will always love the song, as when I was little, my grandmother would always hum it to me as she rubbed my back when I was laying down for a nap, or whenever I was sick. Sadly my grandmother has Dementia, and doesn’t… Read more »
Hey, this is great video (as always). I’m a long time fan of many contributors from TGWTG and now Channel Awesome, and you were a good addition. (An all Disney related stuff guy? How cool is that?) … But this is the video that made me sign up to get an account to comment. I understand that you made these videos three years ago and you’re releasing them here to get us caught up – but damn, you picked probably the worst band years ago to use for your Small World song replacement. I don’t know how much coverage you’re… Read more »
It’s funny — I actually never found It’s a Small World that irritating. Admittedly it’s very hard to play a song so many times that I hate it (for example, I can still jam to Let It Go). The song that kills me is the Tiki Room song, partly because of the obnoxious tempo, partly because the audio-animatronics are so outdated that you hear the click-clack of every single lip flap alongside the song, partly because it, like Small World, is so repetitive, and partly because it, unlike Small World, has no message or substance. You could argue that Small… Read more »

Best Count Jackula cameo ever. XD But you poor man, having to go on that ride. And I didn’t know that the song writers wanted to donate that money to the kids in need, and Walt said no. Dick move Walt, dick move.


After seeing the video of Ron Schneider (Dreamfinder Prime) singing Imagination on Small World, I can’t ride it anymore without humming that under my breath.


I’ve never been on the It’s A Small World ride, and hopefully I never will. I can’t imagine how much it must suck to endure that.


My God, man, how many times did you have to endure the ride?? Let alone have to edit it, plus the special with the song in the background?? As someone who used to work for the Da Mouse, that ride (and that song) has haunted my dreams for years…
I mean, compared to some of the other rides, it just seemed so…hokey. Especially when you KNOW Disney can do so much better. As you said, it drastically lowers the value of the place.


Duck Tales, woo-oo!

Damn you.


Well, despite its reputation, I still love Small World, song and all. Mary Blair and Rolly Crump are two of my favorite Disney artists.

Although, yeah, that was a dick move on Walt’s part.