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Christmas is almost here so Tamara breaks out a classic, It’s a Wonderful Life.

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  1. Oh how I’ve longed to hear you review this one. As soon as I saw your still picture reaction on twitter I’ve been excited. And this did not disappoint You really made a wonderful entry.

    1:00 Yes it was remade for television in 1977 with Marlo Thomas. As who mentioned in the MST3k episode Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

    1:18 This surprised me when I first was it too. Probably because I’d already seen this kind of plot done on other shows where you knew the characters and the world already. Like the Rugrats episode with Chucky, which looking back had surprising similar conclusion that I’ve even realized.

    4:16-30 Gloria Grahame is awesome. Really most of the cast is awesome, but Violet gives this quint town of Bedford Falls a little edged and she isn’t shamed for it. Which is pretty cool given the time period. Also the newspaper in the still calls back to James Stewarts earlier great collaboration with Frank Capra Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

    5:08-5:22 Hey that was surprisingly convincing! LOL

  2. 5:42-55 Couldn’t have put to better! Phew

    6:10 Oh I do believe you would! LOL

    7:34-7:42 “snickers” Speaking of what you’ve been using – I find it funny the part of the movie that takes place between 1928 and 1932 we hear of gin at the graduation party and Uncle Billy is drunk at Harry’s coming home party. Um hello, prohibition! Guess Bedford Falls wasn’t quite as innocent as it seemed.

    8:07-28 Somehow I you knew you’ve had quite a reaction that part. Really Clarance, compared to everything else we’ve seen-this is the final horror! LOL

    8:56 And it put Ernie kiss Burt! Seriously watch it again.

    9:20-24 When I finally saw this in a theater without commercial breaks I was surprised they went out with that song. Mostly I just amazed it had end credits! LOL

    Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!

    • your 1:18 comment…

      Quite simply put, the reason all those shows use this plot is because they’re doing an homage to “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

      This is one of the most influential and referenced films of all time.

      • Well duh!
        Even as a kid I could figure out what they were playing tribute to when the episode was called “Chuckie’s Wonderful Life.” Even before that I get my first hint of the influence in a Garfield and Friends episode were an angle promises to show Wade what the world be like if he never existed and he says “Oh like in that movie they show a hundred times every Christmas!”

        My point was that (like Tamara) after already being familiar with this plot when I first saw the movie, I wasn’t expecting the Angel to only show up in the last 25 minutes since that’s what the plot depends on!

  3. I already tweeted this at you and you saw it… But I will put it here anyway.

    If you are planning movies to watch down the line you might try “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” for President’s Day in February.
    It also stars Jimmy Stewart as an everyman learning something.

  4. I didn’t know that It’s a Wonderful Life was about Christmas.

    • You’re kidding? Then why did you think TV channels kept showing the film every Christmas?

    • To be fair, the movie spans three decades of a persons life and the people he effects. Only the introduction scene and the final act bookending the story taking place on Christmas Eve.

    • Really it’s less about the holiday itself as it is about restoring faith in the role plays in the world. Much the same way A Christmas Carol is really more about restoring the value of living with the rest of the world.

      Seasonal depression as quit real. Many of do feel a lot more pressure at this time to be happy with our lives even while feeling the effects of time with old doubts and disappoints we’ve faced weighing us down and sometimes even an inability to properly serve the people we care about. But really those feelings that push George Bailey to brink of suicide until he sees how much go he’s done and still has to live for, could have arrived for him at any point of the year.

      See the Psych-Media Video for Holidays and Mental Health it covers a lot of the same territory.

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