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So this is Christmas… and what have we done?

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  1. 7:23 – “That’s a lot of fish.” {/matthewbroderick}

  2. Dio called. He wants his time stop back.

  3. 3:11 – Well, maybe his grandma was diabetic, but she baked a cake for him anyway.

  4. What no Anal Sanctuary Christmas special?

  5. Honestly, the Ghost Hunt two part Christmas episode is actually a really good anime Christmas special. It might help a little to have watched at least the first episode of the series to get a better grasp on the characters’ personalities, but it’s otherwise an accessible story that combines comedy, drama, and a few spooks here and there in a very pleasant gift wrapped package. It also serves to develop the relationship between two of the main characters. I’d give it a watch (Well, I’d give all of Ghost Hunt a watch because it is one of the best horror animes I’ve ever watched and is a relatively accurate portrayal of paranormal investigators, but if we’re talking Christmas specials only, watch those two episodes.)

  6. iamnotincompliance

    Ah, multiple Santas. That was a villain in The Tick cartoon. Somehow, The Tick made more sense than this.

  7. Actually, in Japanese the particle n, which is the only consonant that can be used on its own without an accompanying vowel, can also be pronounced as an m. The honorific senpai is a good example of this duality in pronunciation as it’s often pronounced sempai. So, san can be pronounced as sam and that’s how that girl can conjure up a samba line. It doesn’t make the gag any better, mind you.

  8. And they celebrate Christmas more like Valentines Day, so it’s a couples thing.

  9. How about you just bring your own kid along? You’re taking care of the poor kids, so take care of one more. Sure, maybe he won’t get the one-on-one time, but, hey, he’s not getting it now.

  10. Wow. All the rival’s lines are like Speed Racer parody.

    And not even because they have to match the mouth flaps.

  11. So I was enjoying the review, laughing about how bad the anime was, and then it got to the part with the little girl and the watermelon slices and got totally distracted because. Watermelon in spanish is sandia. SANdia. And I’m like. THIS DUMBASS ANIME CANNOT POSSIBLY BE THAT CLEVER. NO.

  12. All I can say to this is…


    ….sorry, but it’s _amazing_ to me to see an anime on here I’ve not only actually seen, but am a fan of. (I’m a casual otaku at most and there are sooooo many, including lots of uber-famous ones, I still haven’t seen. So, the odds are indeed pretty low.) Unless you rip it into tiny shreds, THIS oughta be fun.

    …and even if you _do_, I’ll still have the novelty fun value of seeing one of my own gateway-drug oldschool animes on Anime Abandon. Finally. And hey! Nostalgia factor.

    Oh yeah and the actual anime you just reviewed _here_ is of course crap. Funny thing is…I’ve never heard of it and I still just instantly got this Love Hina vibe off of the preview artwork. Like I almost thought it _was_ that. Huh. Well, nice to be (semi)right every once in a while. : P


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