James Bond, Jr. #1 – AT4W

Still a better secret agent than SCI-Spy.

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  1. I actually liked the cartoon, and even this comic. Yeah it’s silly and corny but I guess that’s why I enjoy it.

  2. I actually liked that show, yeah it was silly and kind’a stupid but I think that’s where some of my enjoyment came from.

  3. 10:39 It’s going to take a lot more to get me to like you…………….
    12:55 …………. like a ride in your car. I’m yours!!! Take me!!!!!!

  4. I think the swirls on the cover are suggestive of the silhouette of a person. At least the top part looks like a torso and arms to me.

    Typo in the after credits text, “hreat”.

  5. I actually liked this show when I was a kid. Sure it was silly and stupid, but I guess that’s where I got the enjoyment from, for just how absurd it is.

  6. Your British accent is pretty good. O.O Anyways, this was pretty funny despite the fact that I’ve never seen a James Bond movie all the way through.

  7. I think the comparision doesn’t work, as the James Bond movies (especially the reruns during the early 90s, before the Brosnan stuff hit) were mainly watched by kids. As a kid I might not have cared for the smooching, but I still enjoyed the other stuff.

    Plus, I think kids would totally grog a F&F-cartoon where Dom and his gang battle aliens. 😉

  8. I actually remember seeing bits of James Bond Jr. on TV when I was in pre-school: it’s also how I first heard of the James Bond franchise.

    The last animated series based on a PG-13 film series I remember airing on TV was The Mummy animated series based on the 1999 remake.

    “Captain Shadowy VonMysterious” on the cover looks like a cross between The Shadow and The Grey Ghost.

    7:10- I guess whoever wrote this comic didn’t know the difference between question marks (?) and explanation points (!).

    7:42- “I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.”

    10:02- You mean Felix Leiter (pronounced “lighter,” as in cigarette lighter), and YES, he is in the movies.

    Jaws eating the car reminds me of Cookie Monster eating the car in Follow That Bird.

    Nice choice for the ending stinger.

    • “7:42- “I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.””
      And what does that make us?

      “Nice choice for the ending stinger.”
      Yes, but did Lewis add the voice? I don’t remember Jaws ever speaking. Ever.
      Roaring like a lion once, but that was a different Jaws.

  9. Just this morning, I saw a woman telling her dog to ‘stop that!’. I wanted to say to her ‘let the dog drive!’ (The car was parked at the time.)

    ‘everyone at this school is related to Bond’s colleagues; how big of a coincidence is that?’
    Possibly none. Maybe it’s a school specifically for kids of spies.

    I haven’t seen Real Genius in many, many years… Is that an issue of Teen Titans on the floor in front of Val Kilmer?

    “Still a better airline than United.”
    Do NOT get me started!

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