Japanese Sweets Fail – MikeJ

Mike tries expired Japanese Candy, including one which requires very complex instructions….

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  1. I’ve had that brand of cookies before. I believe it’s called Puchi. I haven’t had the green tea flavour though. It does come in normal flavours and I do kind of like the chocolate chip kind. I’m not sure if I would enjoy the green tea flavour cookies but I was skeptical about green tea KitKat and when I tried it in Japan I found I like it a lot.

  2. Japanese treats… from Denmark? How?

    • You can find Japanese treats in any Asian supermarket, I’m sure they also exist in Denmark, the world is a small place these days 😉

      Reminded me about my first ice-cream in China: it was corn-flavoured. After having a green peas one, I realized that they were all vegetable based.
      I also had a “European” birthday cake, obviously made by someone who had seen pictures, but never tasted one: it had red bean paste instead of chocolate sauce and plenty of other surprising tastes.

    • I have seen Japanese treats for sale in the UK, It’s likely many countries have them. It’s also possible she brought them back from a holiday in Japan.

    • Maybe it’s like his Iceland foods that aren’t Icelandic

  3. The Movie Explorer

    What was that thing with the packet of powder and plastic spike mace, anyway? Even if you knew Japanese, it just seemed a ridiculously convoluted way to enjoy a sweet treat. Someone get this man some Botan Rice Candy for his troubles!

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