JAY-Z The Story of O.J. – Rap Critic

Rap Critic looks at Jay-Z going in a… different direction with his latest video.

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  1. This is my “no comment” comment.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    Frankly, I think a lesson can be learned from O.J. Sure, I think the guy’s a jerk for essentially renouncing his own community instead of using it as an opportunity to help his fellow man. But it goes to show something: economic independence is the way to go. Money talks; it opens doors.

    And here’s where I think Jay Z’s message is something worth considering: economic community solidarity is the way to go. Economic community solidarity has the potential to raise everyone up, not just the one who happens to be the direct beneficiary of wealth. Imagine if O.J. or Jay Z or any economically independent individual started putting their resources back into the black communities. It could create jobs, bring in necessary goods and services; it could go a long way in correcting the problems caused by economic hardship and social injustice. It would create ownership of communities and foster a sense of responsibility for their wellbeing. And to outsiders, it would give the impression of financial growth and responsibility.

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