Jingle All The Way 2 – Shameful Sequels

A sequel to a notoriously bad Christmas movie… what could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Hi, Mr. A British Person!

    Well, the Nostalgia Critic does need someone to review these films that are so bad that even he doesn’t really want to touch them. Conglaturation!!! on the return, Mr. A British Person.

  2. How rich is that guy that bought all those dolls?! O.O Also, it’s sad that Irwin has been reduced to being in Jingle All the Way 2. Sad days. Lastly, that bear reminds me of the bear from Toy Story 3.

  3. “…because he can’t cope with his characters having a different name to his own.” Uhh, his name is Dan.

  4. I really like your reviews (not so squeaky as NC and to the point) and would like to donate but all my savings are in monero.

    If you add monero address as a way to donate it would be great.

    Thanks for your time.

  5. as a retail employee from toysrus I can attest to the fact that we do not allow some asshole to buy out our entire stock of big ticket items. Basically we ration those things to one per customer (this year it was stuff like snes classics and fingerlings) in order to prevent people from emptying our shelves to scalp them on ebay.

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