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Proving that the real way to heal the division between Marvel and DC is with a luau.

Part 2.

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  1. Part 1:
    I own a copy of this crossover, and I freakin’ love it, too. BTW, even though I’m a bit more in to DC than Marvel, I still love both companies for what they are.
    I’ve read and enjoyed JLA: Earth 2, and I also love the animated film that it’s loosely based on, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.
    10:50- Cute? I thought you hated Uatu for being a lazy ass by letting Spider-Man save Christmas in that issue of Marvel Team-Up.
    I remember reading a Batman/Punisher crossover, but it took place at the time Azrael took up the role of Batman.
    13:40- (Raises hand)
    20:02- I was also thinking this when Ifirst read this book years ago.
    22:38- THANK YOU! I was thinking that, too.

    Part 2:
    6:49- Gotta love these Jeff Goldblum jokes.

  2. I’m sure Jeff Goldblum would have gone blue if they’d asked him.

  3. Contrary to your assertion, Metron does NOT have the most comfortable chair ever. The Most Comfortable Chair Ever was the one that almost trapped the Tick and almost prevented him from fighting the Ottoman Empress.

  4. Which Phantom Stranger origin was Alan Moore’s.

  5. The only opportunity this comic missed was making a joke about The Flash’s time in the Marvel Universe.

  6. I love your Jeff Goldblum impression! Also, that moment with Thor and Superman was awesome! O.O

  7. Yeah, a two part episode! Well, not really two parts. I knew you’d like this one. The tendonitis was worth it! Probably the biggest image of comic book characters I’ve ever seen. Just great to have such an epic crossover.

  8. The comic has basically the same plot as the ‘riginal Contest of Champions (which also starred the Grandmaster).

    “This (Marvel and DC’s competition” has been going on for almost two decades now…”

    If by ‘almost two decades’ you mean ‘over half a century’ (since Fantastic Four #1, 1963), that’s an accurate statement.
    (Later… oh, you mean open hostiility as opposed to friendly rivalry… my comment still kind of applies.0

    “This whole supervillain exchange program may have been a bad idea…”
    You’re right; Acts of Vengeance utterly failed for the villains.

    There’s an old story about two Samurai who meet up. They stand, assessing each other, and then walk away; the winner of their battle having been decided without a blow being landed. The Captain America / Batman confrontation must be a reference to this.

    ‘has two teams of Titans’
    Looks like Infinity, Inc. was in there too.

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