JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Ep. 1-4 – AT4W

What, what’s so bizarre about vampires, Jack the Ripper, and an ancient evil stone mask?

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  1. Like with most anime outside of stuff like Pokemon and Digimon, I am unfamiliar with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in any way, shape, or form.

    3:32- Is it weird that I think that this kind of anime is more gruesome than r-rated horror films?

    6:09- With that kind of movement and posing, I expected him to morph into a Power Ranger. In speaking of which, I’m about to start watching Operation Overdrive for my Power Rangers binge watch.

    8:13- With this kind of behavior from Dio, I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump would have replaced Steve Bannon with him.

    9:23- This is a weird adaptation of the graphic novel “From Hell.”

    14:33- And then they bang, HARD.

    17:43- Has this suddenly become the Scarlett Johanson movie, “Lucy”?

    18:46- It looks purple? It looks kinda pink. I’m probably thinking that because, “Too much pink energy is dangerous.”

    23:30- And I thought they smell bad on the outside.

    And now when know about the whole chess mystery.

  2. Never watched the anime, but I happen to have the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fighting game on dreamcast. Dio, in fact has one of the coolest moves in any fighting game, in which he grabs a steam roller from somewhere offscreen and literally drops it on top of his opponent, punching it until it explodes. All the while maniacally laughing.

  3. I know little about “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”. Well, I knew the memes. Everyone does. It was great to be introduced to it. I had no idea what the art style even was. Oh, and checkmate Entity.

  4. Well I finally got to see what JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure looks like, and IMO it looks too gruesome and over the top for my tastes.
    You know when I first heard the words “JoJo” and “Bizarre” I thought it was a comedy series, oh how naïve I was.

  5. Huh, chess, nice touch

  6. lilith_ascennding

    Yeah, too much violence in this series to my liking (especially towards dogs. That’s a big turn-off for me). Still, the story is pretty interesting and Dio does seem to be a compelling enough villain, so I can understand why this series is so well loved. Play me out, Roundabout!

  7. Holy moly. I never knew JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was so gory. 🤢

  8. The first two Jojo manga series with Jonathan and Joseph were great, but it all went downhill when the Stands were introduced.

    • Y’know what would make the series stand out again? A character who proves that you don’t have to have a Stand to beat a Stand.

      • It’s kinda hard to beat an invisible, explicitly invulnerable to any damage not dealt by other Stands spirit with mere human power. That’s kind of the point of them.

        Even then though Stands without much combat ability have been beaten by humans before. Jotaro pulls out some good ol’ fisticuffs to beat certain Stand users with useful but not direct combat worthy Stands for instance. It would be cool to see a guy with a sniper rifle off some Stand users though.

        Also I suggest watching part 4 (Diamond is Unbreakable). I stopped reading the manga at Stardust Crusaders too (mostly because Jotaro is almost as shitty as Jonathan as a protagonist for the first half), but came back and part 4 is now my favorite. Josuke is Joseph’s illegitimate child and it really shows, they act a lot alike.


    sorry, I had to get the meme out of me…

  10. After watching Sailor Moon, I’m not surprised anymore that Japanese Anime makes 12 year olds look “WAY” older than they should.

  11. So… just the one meme. Huh.

    I don’t have a tremendous amount of experience with Japanese media, but I’m starting to suspect that the Japanese have /very/ different ideas about narrative tone than we do. Not saying that’s bad. Just saying I’m not sure I’m ever gonna get used to it.

  12. So… Linkara was ejected so hard from the Entity that he lost his shoes or what ?

  13. (Still hearing a ghost advertisement partner behind the show! YouTube better be better!)

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