Jurassic Park – Tamara’s Never Seen

How has Tamara never seen Jurassic Park? Tamara sees Jurassic Park for the first time!

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  1. I licking your first impression of these movies. One to give a try at some really oldies like john wayne the silent man or if you want to try jeff give the fly a try.

  2. Hey! I love these videos. I love Tamara’s hair. Tamara is the only person I’ve ever heard of who has seen less movies than me. It makes me feel good. ^.^ LOL. Although, “swag” is annoying and you should have let your cat stay. LOL. One last thing: Maybe they didn’t notice the technician’s hand. I know I didn’t and I’ve seen this movie about ten times.

  3. Cool. Will you be giving ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’ a watch and review next?
    Also ahh… Jeff was umm pretty good in ahh Independence ahhm Day. You should ahhhm, totally check it mmmm out.

  4. I agree Jurassic Park is good, but my complaint is that you knew who was gonna get eaten depending on how high they rated on the Spielberg karma scale.

  5. I love that part where the cat keeps interrupting the video.

    Also, your hair looks awexome.

    “Me and the tree are dating.” – So, you are Groot?

    “I’m Jeff Goldblum.” – Don’t you mean, “I’m, uh, uh, Jeff, uh, Goldblum! Uh!”


    • Also, if you are dating a tree, I’d suggest that you “Dooon’t Beeee Haaastyyyy!”

      And apparently, there’s a time limit on that edit feature. But still, at least we have it now!

  6. Aliens: The Director’s Cut?

  7. Snorgatch Pandalume

    If you’re interested in seeing more of Jeff Goldblum, I would recommend The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (where he plays a brain surgeon), Silverado (where he plays a gambler), The Fly (where he plays a scientist who slowly turns into a monster), Vibes (where he plays a psychic opposite Cyndi Lauper) and Earth Girls Are Easy (where he plays a blue-furred alien who falls in love with Gina Davis).

  8. Something I’ve been wondering about both this and the Return To Oz review…

    How much of it is Tamara’s own off-the-cuff remarks, and how much of it is scripted by Doug and/or Rob or someone like that?

  9. Hi tamara. Heres some feedback. Love the concept of the show. But your doing it wrong. Dont tell us what happens. We allready know. Tell us what you think about the movie and scenes from the movie. Why do you like it. And how come you never seen it before. And what your thoughts where about the movie before you saw it. Etc… etc…
    Bey and goodluck.

    • The Real Silverstar

      “your doing it wrong.”

      It’s her concept, she can execute as she sees fit. Her way of doing it isn’t objectively wrong just because it’s not how you would personally do it. If you feel you can do better, then why not get a camera and shoot your own vlog series? Could be fun.

      BTW, it’s “you’re”. You’ve gotta love the irony of someone accusing someone else of being erroneous and being unable to form an error-free sentence while doing so. Good job.

      “Dont tell us what happens. We allready know.”

      But she didn’t. She’s seeing these films for the first time. To quote McBain: “That’s the joke”.

    • “How come you never seen it before.” Because there’s nearly 100 years of cinema, 500,000 movies, (and far,far more television episodes and tv shows) and people end up seeing different things, and some have lives more dedicated to watching movies than others. There’s no real need to explain that. Even things that “everyone” has seen like Star Wars have lots of people that have never seen it. No matter how popular or successful a summer blockbuster like E.T. or Jaws may have been, if it came out when you were young or before you were born, its easy to just never get around to seeing it. Lots of people also haven’t seen Citizen Kane, Vertigo, 2001, or Seven Samurai, and those are consistently considered among the best of all time… but they’re also old and stodgy.

  10. New hair color looks great. You should keep it!

  11. Optimism? Meet “Grave of the Fireflies”.

  12. For the record, the kid you think looks like Jake Gyllenhaal is named Milo… something. (Uh, Whit Hertford… boy did I remember that wrong!) He was also in The Addams Family movie (for about five seconds – he was the lizard, not Pugsley) and A Nightmare On Elm Street V: The Dream Child. He was the dream child.

    I’ve never known if Lex was really vegetarian, or if she was being facetious. We do see her eating jello, which a lot of vegetarians won’t do (gelatin’s an animal product, donchewknow).

    Please say you know who ‘hold on to your butts guy’ is!

    Also, you should give Ike more than a cameo. 🙂

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