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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Nikki Review DC’s Ultimate Team-Up Film, Justice League! First 10 minutes Non-Spoilers, then a full extended Spoiler Discussion with our complete thoughts!

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  1. I liked that they used the Motherbox to bring him back. That shows that Superman really was 100% dead and that he is killable. If they just said he regenerated and used kryptonian tech we would always know that these things will just bring him back everytime he dies. There would be no feeling of danger no matter what happens to Supes because we would always know „he‘s not really dead“

    I think showing his dead corpse was a clever move, we know now that Superman is killable, if it wasn‘t for the Motherbox it would have been game over for Supes. I root a bit more for him know because I know that guy can be hurt and there is some real weight behind him risking his live again. I believe now that this guy is afraid of death and is making some real sacrifices here.

    Also I like that this flying dirt bullshit can now be completely ignored. That scene ruined the ending (even if there was not much to ruin to begin with). That was just bad storytelling, I like that it was just nothing in the end.

    Also Joe is the worst at keeping his spoiler free parts really spoiler free. Either he gives obvious clues that even a moron would get and pretends as if he is just subtly hinting at things, or he just straight out spoils everything by accident and pretends as if nothing happened.

  2. It was really good but not great. I liked most of the characters. I just hate that Cyborg and Aquaman were so underdeveloped. The actors did the best with what they had. I thought that Wonder Woman and Batman were once again standouts. All of the action was great. The villain is bland. He could have been but nothing came of it. I also feel bad for the people who aren’t familiar with the comics at all. If I didn’t watch The Flash show, I’d probably be a little confused on the Flash as well. I was surprised that Nikki wasn’t confused. There were two after-credit scenes! Yay! I was left with a couple of questions that could have been solved if DC wasn’t rushing things. There were more jokes! The theme song is also awesome. 8.5/10. Oh, and Aquaman is the next movie.

  3. I loved batman in this movie actually. He brought the team together, Diana and him played well off each other I could watch a movie with just them to be honest. batman always plays the self sacrifice card though. He doesn’t think the world needs him. Not like the other heroes (in which case he is wrong) Batman always dealt with death differently than other characters. I liked the fact that he felt guilty I thought that was a good arch for his character that he made a mistake in thinking that superman was a bad guy and wanted to correct the situation because he saw the world slowly losing hope. I also enjoyed the fact that superman laughed in this movie. GENUINELY laughed. That was enjoyable. I also liked that Diana made the choice to go back for Bruce. I thought that was very in character for her.

  4. Great review of Justice League from the Joe team! Yes, I would like to see Nikki in more of the reviews as she’s a good counterbalance; Not only giving a woman’s perspective, but she also the provides perspective from someone who isn’t quite as familiar with the source material compared to the hardcore audience that Angry Joe himself represents. Great job by all!

  5. I would have liked to see a martian in the background during that flashback fight where the Atlanteans, Amazons, tribes of men, old gods, and Green Lanterns were fighting together. A little teaser to putting in the Martian Manhunter who IS another founding member of the team in some continuities.

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