Justice League The Animated Series – Honest Review

A Re-upload of one of ERod’s Long Lost Videos.

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  1. The Real Silverstar

    Just FYI, this was supposed to be an Honest Review of Kingsmen: The Golden Circle, but that video is currently being blocked by 20th Century Fox. Erod and his wife Marsha re-uploaded this video could fulfill Channel Awesome’s 2 videos per month requirement. #WTFU

  2. I love that Flash/Lex “I have no idea who this is” gag.

    I think they referenced it in the new Flash TV series, but I don’t remember whether it was Barry or Wally they did it to.

    • Honestly, I don’t think I was bothered by the John Stewart/Hawkgirl – how shall we say, “reverse whitewashing”? I didn’t really expect the show to follow the Superfriends; I just expected Bruce Timm and his team to do what they always seem to do: produce great stories.

    • Actually, Conroy is only very narrowly out of playing Batman the LONGEST by Adam West’s return in a couple of animated films (including one with Bill Shatner) right before he passed away. But while West may have been Batman, it’s always going to be Conroy who is Vengeance and the Night!

    • About JL referencing Marvel: The team of Aquaman, Dr. Fate, Hawgirl, and Solomon Grundy is actually an homage to The Defenders, which featured Dr. Strange, Namor, Hulk, and Valkyrie.

  3. If he’s reuploading his older videos as the description suggests (can’ watch right now ‘cause I’m at work), I’d love to see the Inspector Gadget review again. I can’t find it anywhere now!

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