Kabaya Sonic Bomber (Transformers Zone) – V-Build

Let’s get back to the business of Kabaya’s Big Powered, and leave its gum well enough alone.

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A boy who became a man(child), whose lifelong hobbyist passion is the pursuit of toy.  Check out reviews, live through kit-builds, and survive whatever else may come.  Don't worry, The Subtitles will stay by your side...most of the time.

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  1. In relation to the female speaker’s incorrect pronunciation:

    At timeframe 18:21 she says “rouge one”.

    The female speaker possibly applies rouge to her cheeks.

    The correct term is “Rogue”.

    Vangelus also needs to correct his incorrect pronunciation of “Rogue”.

    There is the incorrect pronunciation of “カバヤ” in this video.

    At timeframe 37:59 the female speaker has the incorrect pronunciation of “chibi”.

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