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Space is awesome! …so why do we spend so much time on earth?

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  1. Ah Kamen Rider Fourze. One of least liked Kamen Rider series least from Neo-Heisei era (era after Kamen Rider Decade). I really haven’t heard good things about this one unlike case with Kamen Rider Den-O that”s light-hearted one from Heisei era. To me Kamen Rider is at it’s best when it’s at it’s most dark but I don’t mind some more light-hearted ones either as long as those are good.

  2. The only knowledge of Kamen Rider I have is from the Masked Rider series, which used footage from Kamen Rider Black RX. The show wasn’t that memorable, but I fondly remember him crossing over with Power Rangers in the 3-part Season 3 premiere.

    4:02- I still love your Apollo 18 moon spiders joke. …Yeah, I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve seen Apollo 18 in theaters when t was out.

    8:01- And these cheerleaders are wearing the same colors as MY high school.

    9:49- STAR TREK ’09 JOKE! =D

    12:40- The movie “Passengers” did this better, and Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt DID have sex afterward.

    17:44- Ha, I was also thinking of Batman Returns. …God, I’ve seen too many fucking movies.

    19:37- I would call this girl a teenage Japanese version of Trump, but I don’t wanna insult the good people of Japan.

    Good luck on your December episodes, Linkara

  3. Ah, I see Yuki is the Princess Peach of the friend group. This looks like something I’d watch. I may check it out.

  4. Why did your patron want you to review this one? At least the ones who had you review Super Sentai had you look at Gokaiger and Zyuranger, two fan favorites. Fourze is just…okay. I don’t know why they would start you with this one and not 555, Blade, Hibiki, or Den-O.

  5. My brother streamed several episodes of Kamen Rider Fourze. I liked Yuki. She was super adorkable. I even kind of liked Queenie girl, even though she was a spoiled brat, she still somehow managed to be more likable than the Ashley’s from Disney’s Recess.

  6. I hated Fourze THE FIRST TIME I watched it. But after watching it again and understanding the context for which it was made, I’ve come to see it as a pretty solid series.

    Is it the best written? HELL NO! In fact, it has lots of consistency issues.

    However, what I applaud it for is making the hero someone who tries to defeat even the worst villains by understanding their plights and trying to befriend them, rather than just punching them to death like 90% of all other superheroes.

    Plus when you consider that this series came out just after the Earthquake that hit Japan in 2012 and left thousands devastated and that it was meant to inspire hope to kids rather than just provide an action-packed distraction (even though that it what it did as well), it has a lot more going for it than meets the eye.

    So I commend it. It may not be the best the series has to offer, but it deserves some recognition.

  7. I wonder if this show inspired Miraculous?

  8. “The astroswitches are what allow them to get from the earth to the moon so quickly but let’s ignore that as Yuki has decided to start stripping.”

    Hey. As Joey Wheeler once informed us: “There’s no penalty for stripping.” 😛

  9. Look for Deadpool Quote

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