Kim Possible: So the Drama – Disneycember

It’s the biggest adventure Kim Possible has ever been on, but does big always mean better? Doug looks at her dramatic spy flick, So the Drama.

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  1. This was around the time when I was getting a little tired of Kim Possible so I never saw this movie.

  2. I really like this one. Great ending. I love how Bonnie’s attempt to be, well, Bonnie totally blows up in her face and the entire gym cheers. As if to say “‘BOUT DAMN TIME!”

  3. I loved how they had a whole season after this movie and brought elements like the super suit back.

  4. The acronym is STD. No joke about that? Kim Possible’s a great show. Glad to know you reviewed something so good here. Kim and Shego are pretty hot. What, they are!

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